ForceManager Integrations

  • Add new ForceManager contacts to MailChimp as subscribers

    Save your new contacts to MailChimp, so you can easily stay in touch with them. This Zapier integration will automatically add your new ForceManager contacts to MailChimp as subscribers. That way, you don't have to manually export and import contact lists in order to keep MailChimp up-to-date.

    How this MailChimp-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new contact is added to ForceManager
    2. Zapier adds a subscriber to MailChimp

    Apps involved

    • ForceManager account
    • MailChimp account
  • Add new Salesforce accounts to ForceManager as accounts

    Keeping two different CRMs up-to-date can be difficult, but Zapier automations like this one can help. Once this integration has been set up, all new Salesforce accounts from that point forward will be copied to ForceManager, too. Now you don't have to manually update account information in ForceManager, based on new data that is added to Salesforce.

    How this Salesforce-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new account is created in Salesforce
    2. Zapier creates a ForceManager account

    What you need

    • A Salesforce account
    • A ForceManager account
  • Add new HubSpot leads to ForceManager as accounts

    If your team uses two different tools to track business contacts, it can be tough to keep them updated. Once this integration has been set up, all new HubSpot leads from that point forward will be added to ForceManager as accounts. That way, your team can rest assured that ForceManager is updated with new account information, so they can immediately reach out to the contact.

    How this HubSpot-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new lead is created in HubSpot
    2. Zapier adds an account to ForceManager

    Apps involved

    • HubSpot account
    • ForceManager account
  • Add new tasks from Google Tasks to ForceManager as calendar items

    Zapier can help you stay organized and get all of your tasks done. This Zap automatically adds calendar items to ForceManager whenever new tasks are created in Google Tasks. Instead of having to add the same items manually in both apps, Zapier will take care of it for you. That way, you can focus on just checking tasks off your to-do list.

    How this Google Tasks-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new task is added to your Google Tasks
    2. Zapier creates a new calendar item in ForceManager

    What you need

    • Google account
    • ForceManager account
  • Send Slack messages for new ForceManager opportunities

    Keep track of your sales opportunities without ever leaving Slack. Set up this ForceManager-Slack integration and Zapier will automatically send Slack messages each time a new opportunity is created in ForceManager. That way, your team can stay up-to-date about new opportunities and take next actions right away.

    How this Slack-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new opportunity is created in ForceManager
    2. Zapier sends a message in Slack

    What you need

    • A ForceManager account
    • A Slack account
  • Add new Zendesk tickets to ForceManager as activities

    This integration makes it easy to connect your ForceManager account and Zendesk. Once activated, you can track activity in ForceManager for each new ticket created in Zendesk. That way, you can follow up on all the interaction that the client has with your support team from within ForceManager.

    How this Zendesk-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new ticket is added to Zendesk
    2. Zapier adds a new activity to ForceManager

    Apps involved

    • Zendesk
    • ForceManager
  • Add new Forcemanager events for new upcoming webinars in GoToWebinar

    Use this integration to connect your GoToWebinar account to ForceManager. Once activated, it will create an event in ForceManager every time you schedule a new session in GoToWewbinar automatically.

    How this GoToWebinar-ForceManager integration works

    1. A new webinar is scheduled in GoToWebinar
    2. Zapier adds a new event to ForceManager

    Apps involved

    • Gotowebinar
    • ForceManager

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ForceManager Integration Details

Launched on Zapier April 13, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Contact") and Actions (like "Create Activity") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following ForceManager Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is added.

New Account

Triggers when a new account is added.

New Opportunity

Triggers when a new opportunity is added.

New Activity

Triggers when a new activity is added.

New Calendar Item

Triggers when a new calendar item is added.

Create Activity

Creates a new activity.

Create Account

Creates a new account.

Create Contact

Creates a new contact for an account.

Create Opportunity

Creates a new opportunity.

Create Calendar Item

Creates a new calendar.

Find Opportunity

Finds an opportunity by name.

Find Contact

Finds a contact by email or phone number.

Find Account

Finds an account by name, email or phone number.

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