Create new Google Tasks from new reminders

Want to have some firmer action items for your reminders on Bring them in alongside your other tasks by setting up this Google Tasks integration. It will trigger with every new reminder added on after it's been set up, using the data to create a new task on Google Tasks automatically and reliably.

How It Works

  1. A new reminder is added on
  2. Zapier automation creates a new Google Task

What You Need

  • account
  • Google Tasks account
Create new Google Tasks from new reminders integration logo is a timed email reminder system that gives users the ability to create reminders via email through formatted email addresses in the TO, CC and BCC fields. Allows users to set time based email reminders for individuals or from groups for single or recurring events.

Google Tasks integration logo

Google Tasks is a very simple task list. Works inside Gmail, Android, and Calendar seamlessly.

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