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What Follow Up Boss Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • Deal Stage Updated - Fires when the stage of a deal is updated in Follow Up Boss.
  • Person Stage Updated - Fires when a contact's stage is updated in Follow Up Boss.
  • New Appointment - Fires when a new appointment is created in Follow Up Boss.
  • New Contact - Fires when a new contact is created in Follow Up Boss.
  • New Deal - Fires when a new deal is created in Follow Up Boss.
  • Tag Added to Contact - Fires when a tag is added to a contact in Follow Up Boss.

Supported Actions#

  • New Inquiry or Website Event - Notify Follow Up Boss when a new inquiry is received or an event on your website happens. For example, someone inquiries about a property, views or saves property as a favorite, an IDX registration or contact form. This will trigger action plans if a new lead is created from the event.
  • Create or Update Contact Without Triggering Action Plans - Creates a new contact in Follow Up Boss or updates an existing one. IMPORTANT: This will not trigger action plans!
  • Reassign Agent - Assign a different agent to this contact.
  • Log Call - Logs a call on a contact.
  • Change Stage of a Contact - Changes the stage of an existing contact.
  • Create Note - Creates a note on a contact
  • Create Deal - Creates a deal on a contact.
  • Create Task - Create a task for a contact.
  • Apply an Action Plan to a Contact - Applies a selected action plan to a contact.
  • Add Collaborators - Adds selected users as collaborated on a given contact.
  • Add Tags to a Contact - Adds tags to a contact.
  • Pause an Action Plan for a Contact - Pauses a selected action plan for a contact.

How to Get Started with Follow Up Boss

About the Follow Up Boss Integration#

  • Admin/owner permissions: Connected account must use the API key for an admin user, and not an agent user
  • Paid/versioned account: The integration is available on all Follow Up Boss plans
  • Authentication method: Basic Auth
  • Custom field support: No
  • Partner’s Documentation

When you start creating a Follow Up Boss Zap, you will be asked to connect your Follow Up Boss account.

Connect your Follow Up Boss account to Zapier

Next, you'll be asked for your Follow Up Boss API Key.

Finding your Follow Up Boss API Key

To find your API Key, you'll first want to log into your account and head to "Admin", followed by "API".

Follow Up Boss Account Settings

Once you've entered your API Key and clicked continue, we'll test your account to make sure the connection works. If it does, you're all set!

Follow Up Boss Account Test

Common Problems with Follow Up Boss

Error: Requested resource was not found#

Make sure you're using the API key for an admin user in FUB, not an agent user. To fix this, you'll want to reconnect your account. You can do that by going to the connected accounts page and clicking the reconnect button, then entering your admin user API key.

Error: We could not find the tag#

When setting up a Zap using the "New Tag Added to Contact" trigger, make sure you add the tag to an existing contact in Follow Up Boss right before you test the trigger step.

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