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Every agent knows how important it is to contact leads as soon as they engage. Under the People tab, you can filter your directory to display only your new and existing contacts before following up or assigning them to any of your agents. On the flip side, if you'd like to send follow-ups to inactive leads, you can click on the filter icon to narrow down your list to contacts with no activity in the past 90 days.

Each lead has its own page where you can review client information, create tasks, upload files, and schedule appointments. Your communication tools are displayed front and center when you need to add client notes, write an email, send a text message, or save a call log. Follow Up Boss ensures transparency by recording all agent activity and syncing every exchange made with the client in a timeline. That way, you can see the quality of the conversation and how often the agent follows up.

Follow-ups take time and effort out of an already busy schedule, so you'll want to automate some of your most common tasks with Action Plans. From assigning leads to an agent to sending your first email, this feature puts your workflows on autopilot. You can use any of the premade action plans or create one from scratch. You can then customize the sequence and delivery by editing the action plan in the Admin section.

If you're managing a team of agents, Follow Up Boss monitors their performance and progress, enabling you to direct leads to agents who can close more deals while coaching those who need more help. The Reports tab presents a visual overview of agent activity, your leads' website activity, and closed deals by agent or lead source. You can create reports to find out how many leads you've not reached out to, how quickly you've followed up on your leads, and how often you've followed up on leads within a specified period of time. You'll then be able to highlight activities and sources that have the most impact on your business.

Gone are the days when follow-ups were tedious and time-consuming. By automating common tasks and centralizing your communications, Follow Up Boss offers transparency and consistency to help you and your team convert interested and inactive leads into sales.

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