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Reviewed by Matthew Guay · Last updated March 14, 2017
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Ever uploaded a file to a website, wishing there was an easier way to pick the file you needed to share? Perhaps you need to add a profile image to a new app. You have profile images on Facebook and other services, but never thought to save them to your computer. So you have to open Facebook, download the photo, then upload it to this new app—only to be greeted by an error saying the image is too large and needs to be resized.

That's the dilemma Filestack aims to solve. Formerly known as Filepicker, Filestack is a file hosting service and API that lets you simplify file uploads and management for your site. And, thanks to its integrations, it's a simple way to resize and tweak images online, even if you don't have a custom app or site of your own.

If you want to add Filestack's file uploader to your website, you'll be able to do so in minutes. When you first create your account, Filestack will show you embed code to put into your site's header. Reload your site, and you'll have a Filestack-powered file picker on your site. You can then customize the picker to work with your site, with Filestack overriding your standard image upload button to let people pick files from their favorite storage service.

Once you have a Filestack upload button, whenever someone wants to add a file to your site, they can select it from Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, and a number of other services. They could also take a picture or video with their device's camera right from Filestack and upload it to your site—or they can pick a file from their computer as normal.

Then, you can use Filestack transformations to tweak the files your users have uploaded—or to automatically customize the files you use on your site. Filestack can convert videos to the format and size you want, adding watermarks and optimizing their framerates and audio bitrates to the settings you want. It can do the same with audio files, trimming them or storing them in the format you want. It can convert documents to and from PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, and image formats, among others. And, it can do a wide range of transformations to images, resizing or cropping them and adding filters or borders. That's a great way to store files in the format your app needs—or, with Filestack integrations, you can automatically convert any files you want without needing your own custom app.

Filestack can then help you store and server those files on your website. You can store your uploaded and transformed files directly in Filestack, or have Filestack save them to Amazon S3, Rackspace, Google Cloud Storage, Dropbox, Box, or Microsoft Azure. You can also make use of Filestack's global CDN network to quickly serve your files to your website visitors and reduce the traffic on your own servers.

Whether you just need a simpler way for people to upload files, or are looking for a tool to transform images and convert files, Filestack is the file upload and conversion API you need. It can work transparently with your existing tools and workflows, so you can focus on building great products and content and not worry about managing files.

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FileStack Features

  • Let users upload files to your site from 20+ services
  • Include an easy-to-use image editor with your file uploader
  • Automatically crop, rotate, and filter images online
  • Store and host images with Filestack's dedicated CDN
  • Connect to popular hosting and image upload tools to manage team files together
  • Use Google Vision to identify and tag images

FileStack Pricing

  • Free for uploading 250 image uploads, 500 image transformations, and 3GB bandwidth per month
  • $49/month Start plan for 8k uploads, 25k transformations, 50GB bandwidth, and Amazon S3 integrations
  • $149/month Grow plan for 40k uploads, 150k transformations, 200GB bandwidth, and Microsoft, Google, and Rackspace integrations
  • $299/month Scale plan for 100k uploads, 300k transformations, 400GB bandwidth, and upload from Amazon S3
  • $4,999/month Unlimited plan for unlimited uploads and transformations, and 5TB bandwidth

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