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  • Popular Things To Do With Delivra
  • Common Problems with Delivra

How to Get Started with Delivra on Zapier

To get started with Delivra, first click to add a Delivra account to Zapier to be used in your zap.

Next, you'll be asked for your Delivra email address, password, and account name.

Once you've entered your email address, password, account name and clicked continue, we'll test your account to make sure the connection works. If it does, you're all set!

Popular Things To Do With Delivra

Add new Shopify customers to Delivra

Shopify + Delivra

Try It

Add new Pipedrive contacts to Delivra

Pipedrive + Delivra

Add new Facebook Lead Ads leads to Delivra as contacts

Facebook Lead Ads + Delivra

Tag Highrise contacts when someone unsubscribes in Delivra

Delivra + Highrise

Add new Delivra contacts as contacts in SugarCRM

Delivra + SugarCRM 6.2-5

Add new Delivra contacts to Pipedrive

Delivra + Pipedrive

Common Problems with Delivra

Creating vs updating contacts#

Delivra checks for duplication based off email address for contacts, so any email addresses your Zap is trying to add that already exist in that account will update the existing contacts.

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