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Integrate Google Sheets with DeepCrawl

Google Sheets

Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Gmail with DeepCrawl


Email, Google
Integrate Trello with DeepCrawl


Project Management
Integrate Slack with DeepCrawl


Team Chat
Integrate Jira Software Cloud with DeepCrawl

Jira Software Cloud

Project Management
Integrate Jira Software Server with DeepCrawl

Jira Software Server

Project Management
Integrate Microsoft Outlook with DeepCrawl

Microsoft Outlook

Email, Microsoft
Integrate Google Calendar with DeepCrawl

Google Calendar

Calendar, Google
Integrate Airtable with DeepCrawl


Integrate Asana with DeepCrawl


Project Management
Integrate Chatwork with DeepCrawl


Team Chat
Integrate Google Forms with DeepCrawl

Google Forms

Forms & Surveys, Google
Integrate Basecamp Classic with DeepCrawl

Basecamp Classic

Project Management
Integrate Google BigQuery with DeepCrawl

Google BigQuery

Databases, Google, Premium
Integrate Dropbox with DeepCrawl


File Management & Storage
Integrate monday.com with DeepCrawl


Project Management
Integrate Basecamp 3 with DeepCrawl

Basecamp 3

Project Management
Integrate Microsoft Excel with DeepCrawl

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft, Spreadsheets


Integrate Google Drive with DeepCrawl

Google Drive

File Management & Storage, Google
Integrate Typeform with DeepCrawl


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Shopify with DeepCrawl


eCommerce, Premium
Integrate Google Docs with DeepCrawl

Google Docs

Documents, Google
Integrate WordPress with DeepCrawl


Website Builders, WordPress
Integrate Google Analytics with DeepCrawl

Google Analytics

Ads & Conversion, Google
Integrate Teamwork with DeepCrawl


Project Management
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with DeepCrawl

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Microsoft, Premium
Integrate Basecamp 2 with DeepCrawl

Basecamp 2

Project Management
Integrate Twitter with DeepCrawl


Social Media Accounts
Integrate ActiveCampaign with DeepCrawl


Marketing Automation
Integrate Facebook Pages with DeepCrawl

Facebook Pages

Facebook, Social Media Accounts
Integrate YouTube with DeepCrawl


Google, Video & Audio
Integrate Instagram with DeepCrawl


Facebook, Social Media Accounts
Integrate Zoom with DeepCrawl


Video Conferencing
Integrate WooCommerce with DeepCrawl


eCommerce, WordPress
Integrate QuickBooks Online with DeepCrawl

QuickBooks Online

Accounting, Premium
Integrate GitHub with DeepCrawl


Developer Tools
Integrate ClickSend SMS with DeepCrawl

ClickSend SMS

Phone & SMS
Integrate Microsoft Teams with DeepCrawl

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft, Team Chat
Integrate OneDrive with DeepCrawl


File Management & Storage, Microsoft
Integrate Formstack with DeepCrawl


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Google Ads with DeepCrawl

Google Ads

Ads & Conversion, Google, Premium
Integrate Chargebee with DeepCrawl


Payment Processing
Integrate SharpSpring with DeepCrawl


Marketing Automation
Integrate OmniFocus with DeepCrawl


Task Management
Integrate Clio with DeepCrawl


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Amazon S3 with DeepCrawl

Amazon S3

Amazon, File Management & Storage, Premium
Integrate Wrike with DeepCrawl


Project Management
Integrate Jira Service Desk with DeepCrawl

Jira Service Desk

Customer Support
Integrate Azure DevOps with DeepCrawl

Azure DevOps

Developer Tools, Microsoft
Integrate AWS Lambda with DeepCrawl

AWS Lambda

Amazon, Developer Tools, Premium
Integrate Notion with DeepCrawl


Beta, Task Management
Integrate Active Collab with DeepCrawl

Active Collab

Project Management
Integrate Dagger For Ethereum with DeepCrawl

Dagger For Ethereum

Payment Processing
Integrate Bitbucket with DeepCrawl


Developer Tools
Integrate Datadog with DeepCrawl


Server Monitoring
Integrate Paperform with DeepCrawl


Forms & Surveys

Popular ways to use DeepCrawl workflows

  • Create Jira tickets for broken pages discovered in DeepCrawl

    • DeepCrawl logo
    • Jira Software Server logo
    DeepCrawl + Jira Software Server
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: New Completed Crawl

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Create Issue

    Create Jira tickets for broken pages discovered in DeepCrawl

    Create Jira tickets for broken pages discovered in DeepCrawl
    • DeepCrawl logo
    • Jira Software Server logo
    DeepCrawl + Jira Software Server
  • Create Trello cards for new broken pages discovered in DeepCrawl

    • DeepCrawl logo
    • Trello logo
    DeepCrawl + Trello
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: New Completed Crawl

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Create Card

  • Post new DeepCrawl crawl errors to a Slack channel

    • DeepCrawl logo
    • Slack logo
    DeepCrawl + Slack
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: New Completed Crawl

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Send Channel Message

  • Schedule weekly DeepCrawl crawls

    • Schedule by Zapier logo
    • DeepCrawl logo
    Schedule by Zapier + DeepCrawl
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: Every Week

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Start Crawl

  • Create or update Google Sheets rows when new DeepCrawl crawls are completed

    • DeepCrawl logo
    • Google Sheets logo
    DeepCrawl + Google Sheets
    More details
    1. When this happens

      Step 1: New Completed Crawl

    2. Then do this

      Step 2: Update Spreadsheet Row

Supported triggers and actions

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deepcrawl logo

About DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is a comprehensive auditor of website architecture. Run a deep crawl of your site to check hreflang, discover thin content, and pre-test all code releases.
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