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Connect DEAR Inventory to 2,000+ Apps

  • Add DEAR subscribers to MailChimp from a new DEAR sales

    DEAR Inventory + Mailchimp

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  • Save new DEAR attachments to Google Drive

    DEAR Inventory + Google Drive

  • Send Twilio SMS on DEAR invoice authorization

    DEAR Inventory + Twilio

  • Send new DEAR orders as Slack channel messages

    DEAR Inventory + Slack

  • Send new DEAR invoices to as Slack channel messages

    DEAR Inventory + Slack

DEAR Inventory Integration Details

The following DEAR Inventory Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Customer / Updated Customer

Triggered when customers are created or updated.

InstantStock Level Update

Triggered when a change is made to product availability.

InstantSale Attachment Added

Triggers when an attachment is added to a sale

InstantSale Credit Note Authorised

Triggers when a sales credit note authorised.

InstantNew Payment

Triggers when a payment is added to a sale.

InstantSale Status Change

Triggers when a sales status is changed.

InstantSale Invoice Authorised

Triggers when a sales invoice authorised.

InstantSale Additional Info Added

Triggers when an additional information is added to a sale

InstantSale Voided/Undone

Triggers when a sale is voided or undone.

InstantSale Fulfilment Update

Triggers when a sale's fulfilment status is updated.

InstantSale Shipment Tracking Number Changed

Triggers when a sale's shipment tracking number changed.

InstantNew Supplier / Updated Supplier

Triggered when suppliers are created or updated.


Add Sale Payment

Adds payment to sale.

Add Sale Shipment

Adds shipment to sale.

Create Customer

Creates a new customer.

Create Product

Creates a new product.

Create Supplier

Creates a new supplier.

Update Product

Updates the product.

Update Supplier

Updates a supplier.

Create Sale

Creates a new sale.

Add Sale Attachment.

Adds attachment to sale.

Add Sale Pack

Adds pack to sale.

Create Stock Adjustment

Creates a stock adjustment.

Update Customer

Updates a customer.

Update Sale

Updates a sale.


Find a Customer

Search for customer by name.

Find a Sale

Search for sale by id.

Find a Sale Payments

Search for sale payments by sale id, order number, invoice number, credit note number.

Find a Sale Credit Note

Search for sale credit note by id.

Find a Sale Invoice

Search for sale invoice by id.

Create DEAR customer if it doesn't exist yet?

Create DEAR customer if it doesn't exist yet?

Find a Product

Search for product by name or sku.

Find an Assembly

Search for assembly by status, sale id or other fields.

Find a Products Availability

Search for products availability.

Find a Sale Fulfilment

Search for sale fulfilment by id.

Find a Sale Extended

Search for sale by order number, status, customer, invoice number, customer reference, credit note number.

Connect DEAR Inventory to 2,000+ Apps