Tag new Kajabi customers in Seva

Want to know when your drip emails land you a new customer in Kajabi? Zapier's Seva and Kajabi integrations can help. With this integration, Zapier can watch your Kajabi account for new purchases, and whenever someone buys your product, it'll tag them in Seva so you can customize your emails for customers.

How this Kajabi-Seva integration works

  1. Someone purchases your product in Kajabi
  2. Zapier tags them in Seva

Apps involved

  • Kajabi
  • Seva
Tag new Kajabi customers in Seva
Kajabi integration logo

Kajabi is an all in one platform for selling, marketing, and delivering your online content.

Seva integration logo

Seva is an email marketing platform for professional bloggers. Easily create email sequences, tag subscribers, grow your list, and automate your email marketing.

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