Add new Salesforce opportunities as ClickTime jobs

Your sales team has identified an opportunity and they'd like some assets from your fulfillment team - but that team is waiting on you, their ClickTime administrator, to create a new job in ClickTime so they can record time worked against it. Skip the wait with this Zapier automation and have that job automatically created for you in ClickTime as soon as that Salesforce opportunity is created.

Note: You might refer to jobs by a different name in ClickTime, such as projects or milestones - just be sure you're setting this up for what ClickTime calls jobs by default.

How It Works

  1. A new opportunity is created in Salesforce
  2. Zapier adds that as a new job in ClickTime

What You Need

  • Salesforce account
  • ClickTime account
Add new Salesforce opportunities as ClickTime jobs
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