When this happens...
BugHerdNew Bug
Then do this...
Pivotal TrackerCreate Story

Monitor your projects even after they are launched and debug your code quickly with this BugHerd to Pivotal Tracker automation. Once set up, each time a new bug is reported in BugHerd, Zapier will create a new story in Pivotal Tracker. This Zapier integration can be your life saver for responding to problems quickly.

How It Works

  1. A new bug is reported in BugHerd
  2. Zapier creates a new story in Pivotal Tracker

What You Need

  • BugHerd account
  • Pivotal Tracker account

Why Zapier?


Get started for free—14 day trial of premium features and apps.


No coding required—automate any of 1,500+ apps in minutes.


Enterprise-level security—connect mission-critical apps.

It's easy to connect BugHerd + Pivotal Tracker and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Comment

Triggers when a comment is added on any bug in a specific project.

New Bug

Create a new bug in a specific project.

New Bug

Triggers when a new bug is created on a specific project

Create Project

Creates a new project.

Updated Bug

Triggers when a property on an existing bug is changed inside a specific project.

Create Story

Creates a new story in a project.

New Story

Trigger when a new story is added in a project.

New Activity

Triggers when any new activity happens within a project.

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