Brandquiz Integrations

  • Subscribe new Brandquiz leads to a MailChimp list

    Your Brandquiz projects are a great way to gather email leads and once you have them, you'll want to integrate them into your mailing program. But there's no sense in wasting time by adding them into your system one by one. Rather than waiting for a one-time import of submissions into MailChimp, use Zapier to start automatically adding new submissions to your list. Once set up, a new MailChimp subscriber will automatically be added for each and every lead you receive through your Brandquiz project, making it a breeze.

    How this Brandquiz-MailChimp integration works

    1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
    2. Zapier subscribes the lead to a MailChimp list

    Apps involved

    • Brandquiz
    • MailChimp
  • Get email notifications for new Brandquiz leads

    When someone participates in one of your Brandquiz projects, you'll want to hear about it. This Zapier automation handles that with ease, sending an email via Gmail to you whenever you get a new Brandquiz entry. You'll never lose track of your participants again.

    How this Brandquiz-Email by Zapier integration works

    1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
    2. Zapier sends a email notification

    Apps involved

    • Brandquiz
    • Email by Zapier
  • Get Slack notifications with new Brandquiz leads

    Are you looking for a quick way to know whenever your Brandquiz projects have a new participant? This Zapier integration is exactly what you're searching for. By using it, you'll get a message pushed to your Slack channel of choice every time new leads are generated.

    How this Brandquiz-Slack integration works

    1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
    2. Zapier shows a Slack message in a channel

    Apps involved

    • Brandquiz
    • Slack
  • Create people on Pipedrive from new Brandquiz leads

    You've already got your visitors to enter their personal information on your form, so why not pass that effort along to populate your CRM as well? Once this automation is active, it will trigger with every new lead you receive on Brandquiz, automatically creating a new person on Pipedrive.

    How this Brandquiz-Pipedrive integration works

    1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
    2. Zapier creates a new person on Pipedrive

    Apps involved

    • Brandquiz
    • Pipedrive
  • Subscribe new Brandquiz leads to a Drip email list

    So you've captured valuable leads with your latest Brandquiz project and now you want to engage with them through intelligent marketing automation from Drip. But adding contacts manually to the Drip CRM is a tedious process. This Zapier integration will take that weight off your shoulders by adding every new Brandquiz lead to Drip as a new contact, enabling you to connect with them right away.

    How this Brandquiz-Drip integration works

    1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
    2. Zapier creates or updates a subscriber in Drip

    Apps involved

    • Brandquiz
    • Drip
  • Subscribe new Brandquiz leads to AWeber

    Easily combine Brandquiz with AWeber. With this integration Zapier will import new Brandquiz leads into AWeber as subscribers. Keep track of all your new leads with this integration!

    How this Brandquiz-AWeber integration works

    1. A new Brandquiz lead is created
    2. Zapier adds a new subscriber in AWeber

    Apps involved

    • Brandquiz
    • AWeber

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Brandquiz Integration Details

Launched on Zapier January 30, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Lead") and Actions (like "Create Campaign") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Brandquiz Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

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