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It starts out with the forms on your website. You likely already have a form on your site for people to create an account or get in touch about your products. If so, you can likely just add Autopilot's script to your site, and it can then copy data from new form entries automatically while using the exact same form you already have. Autopilot works with Formstack, Lander, and Unbounce, along with most forms in WordPress, Squarespace, and Weebly sites. Or, if you've used another form builder, just use the Autopilot Zapier integration to connect your other form app to Autopilot. Alternately, you can connect Autopilot to Recurly to watch for new charges, Salesforce to watch for new contacts, or any other app that works with Zapier, and start your automations with those items instead of a form.

Then, before your form is filled out again, you'll want to build a Journey workflow to automatically followup with your new contacts and customers. You'll start off with a trigger, which watches for a new form submission, contact on Salesforce, Recurly subscription, or just a specific date. Then, it can send an email or SMS message, add a Headsup to your site or within your app, notify your team on Slack, update the contact's info on Salesforce, or even mail a postcard with Lob. Or, you can add conditions to the workflow, having it wait a specific time before sending an email, only sending a postcard if the user didn't open the email, or sending different messages to paid customers and those who haven't yet bought your products.

You'll need to configure your email messages to look the way you want in Autopilot. You can tweak the email design, add rich text and images, and insert customers' names and other info into the message templates. Then, save the emails, and you can select them inside any of your Journeys. Each SMS message can be personalized with user variables and are sent through Autopilot's native Twilio integration by default, though you can connect your company's Twilio account if you'd like. And, you can add your own custom text to Lob postcards, and send them through that service right from Autopilot's interface.

There's one more thing you'll want to pay attention to: segmenting. Autopilot can watch for specific things about your contacts—say, anyone in a certain country, or those using a company-specific email address—and add them to the best journey for them. With detailed rules and filters, you can make sure each person is receiving the onboarding and pre-sales info they need to get them to make a purchase or use your products successfully.

Then, thanks to Autopilot's deep integration with Salesforce and Recurly, it can figure out how successful your marketing workflows are. Right on your dashboard, you'll be able to see your sales funnel, and how many people you've turned into customers with your marketing.

For all those sales that take a bit of extra work to land, Autopilot gives you the tools you need to put your marketing on, well, autopilot. Once you've set up your segments and journey workflows, your automated messages will keep your team in touch with customers—and informed about what marketing efforts are going on—without any extra work on your part.

Autopilot Resources:

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Autopilot Pricing

  • From $25/month Base plan for up to 2,500 contacts with journeys, emails, SMS, segmenting, along with Slack and Zapier integrations

  • From $50/month Business plan up to 2,500 contacts with Salesforce and integration, API access, A/B split testing, and journey reviews

20% discount for annual plans; plans pricing goes up based on number of contacts; discounted startup plan available

Autopilot Features

  • Gather leads from your existing forms

  • Build marketing journey workflows to automatically send emails, SMS, in-app messages, or postcards to customers

  • Customize journeys based on user behavior, such as clicking a link in an email, visiting a specific webpage, or completing a particular action in-app

  • Target valuable segments using real-time data and trigger journeys automatically

  • Centralize your contacts and maintain a complete view of your customer with custom fields and real-time activity feeds

  • Get reports about your emails, journey progress, and revenue

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