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Google Sheets

 +1, Spreadsheets

35 Integrations


Team Chat

50 Integrations


Marketing Automation

75 Integrations


Customer Support

50 Integrations

Marketing Automation

10 Integrations



10 Integrations


 +1, Google

30 Integrations


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
 +1, Premium

95 Integrations

Google BigQuery

 +3, Databases, Google, Premium

5 Integrations

Connect Appcues to 1,500+ Apps

Pass NPS responses from Appcues to Airtable records

Appcues + Airtable

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Update contacts in Hubspot based on Appcues completed flows

Appcues + HubSpot

Create feedback notes in ProductBoard with Appcues surveys

Appcues + Productboard

Add details to Google Sheets rows for new Appcues survey responses

Appcues + Google Sheets

Send Appcues NPS Submissions to Slack Channels

Appcues + Slack

Appcues Integration Details

Launched on Zapier:

The following Appcues Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantFlow Completed

Triggers when a flow is completed.

InstantNPS Submitted

Triggers when a new NPS event is submitted. Sends separate score and feedback events.

InstantCustom Event Received

Triggers when Appcues receives a custom event.

InstantForm Submitted

Triggers when a form element (excluding NPS survey) is submitted through an Appcues flow.

InstantAppcues Event Fired

Triggers when any Appcues event fires for a specific flow.


Send Event

Send a user event to Appcues

Update User Profile

Update user profile attributes for your end user

Connect Appcues to 1,500+ Apps

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