Agendor Integrations

  • Send Gmail emails for new Agendor companies

    Every time you acquire a new contact to kick-in a sales proposal, you should be the closest possible to them so both ends can reach each other with the most transparency. Once you set up this Agendor with Gmail integration, new Companies registered will receive a welcome email which can also contain your other contacts.

    How this Agendor-Gmail integration works

    1. A new Company is registered on Agendor
    2. Zapier sends a welcome email in Gmail

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • Gmail account
  • Log lost Agendor deals as rows in Google Sheets

    Losing deals is always a bad thing, but we should not turn our backs to them. Instead of using the export feature provided by Agendor and manually update your database, you can create a single dynamically automated spreadsheet, in order to investigate patterns and act to revert this issue. This way, you can use the spreadsheet to create your own report, customize it to your business needs and keep calm that it will get updated automatically.

    Note: We recommend you to populate this spreadsheet with the Deal's Name, Value, End Time, Owner User, Loss Reason, Organization Name and the link to Agendor (Web URL).

    Note 2: After you've set up this Zapier automation, please do not change the spreadsheet tab name, otherwise, it will stop working.

    How this Agendor-Google Sheets integration works

    1. Every time an Agendor Deal is lost
    2. Zapier creates a row in the Google Sheet you define

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • Google Sheets account
  • Create Google Contacts for new people in Agendor

    It is very common for external sellers to have someone else to handle your contacts and appoint some tasks for them to do in-between visits, requiring the use of a cellphone to call, receive a call from your customers, send emails and many other tasks. With this in mind, let Zapier handle the contacts created in Agendor in your Google Contacts account, making such tasks a lot easier as you won't need to lookup where is someone's phone or which email were you contacting a possible future customer questions about your product!

    How this Agendor-Google Contacts integration works

    1. A person is created in Agendor
    2. Zapier creates a contact in Google Contacts

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • Google Contacts account
  • Set tags in MailChimp when Agendor deals are set to won

    A process of sales requires some constant contact with your possible customers, and for this to work perfectly, you should always say the right things at the correct moment. If you've got a well defined marketing pipeline, you should be aware that sending an email for customers to purchase a product they have already acquired may not be a pleasant message. So instead of reserving your time and mind to always set a tag in MailChimp after completing a Deal, let Zapier do this automatically for you!

    Note: the email address must already be subscribed to the list, or this will fail.

    How this Agendor-MailChimp integration works

    1. A Deal related to a rerson to gets the status won in Agendor
    2. Zapier adds a tag in MailChimp

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • MailChimp account
  • Add new Agendor people to MailChimp lists

    It is very important that your possible future customers are up to date with the news happening in your service or product, and even more important is being able to let them know of new products or special offers that might generate new sales opportunities. With this integration, you are connecting your Marketing and Sales teams. It keeps you aware that every person created in Agendor are always receiving MailChimp emails, and their details are up to date and without a need to manually copy and paste.

    How this Agendor-MailChimp integration works

    1. A new Person is created in Agendor
    2. Zapier adds this person's email into a MailChimp list

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • MailChimp account
  • Create people in Agendor from new FullContact Business Cards

    This FullContact and Agendor integration makes it easy to send your new business cards to Agendor as a person, so you never have to add them manually again.

    How this FullContact-Agendor integration works

    1. Zapier will watch your FullContact account for scanned business cards.
    2. Zapier will create a Person in Agendor with the known information about that person

    What You Need

    • FullContact account
    • Agendor account
  • Create Office 365 events for new Agendor tasks

    Don't let your busy schedule mess with your events. Organize and see all of your scheduled appointments at a glance with this Zapier integration. Every time you create a new task in Agendor, Zapier adds the event in Office 365.

    How this Agendor-Office 365 integration works

    1. A new Task is created in Agendor
    2. Zapier adds this event to Office 365

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • Office 365 account
  • Create people in Agendor for new opportunities in RD Station

    Every opportunity your company acquires is very valuable and you should not miss the opportunity to stay in touch with them. With this Zapier integration, Agendor receives new Opportunities from RD Station allowing a quick access to their contact information to your sales team.

    How this RD Station-Agendor integration works

    1. Set a lead as Opportunity in RD Station
    2. Zapier creates a Person in Agendor

    What You Need

    • RD Station account
    • Agendor account
  • Add new RD Station conversion events for deals stage changes from Agendor

    What if you want to segment your leads based on their current pipeline stage? For example, if you want to give a better experience to your leads and avoid spamming emails to them, you might want to stop sending marketing/outbound emails from RD Station and focus the communication on the sale process. This way, emails sent from salespeople have more chance to close the deal.

    Note: This Zapier integration will send conversion events only for new changes on deals.

    How this Agendor-RD Station integration works

    1. A deal is moved to another stage on the pipeline
    2. Zapier adds a new conversion event using the deal's organization email

    Apps involved

    • Agendor
    • RD Station
  • Get Slack Channel notifications for new won deals in Agendor

    Want a quick way to inform your whole team that you have just accomplished a sale? This integration is just what you need. Every time a deal is set to won in Agendor, Zapier will send a message to the Slack channel of your choice.

    Note: Use this Zapier integration if your Agendor Account is Public and everyone in your team agrees on having deal data shared with everyone, Private accounts may meet some privacy problems.

    How this Agendor-Slack integration works

    1. Set a Deal to Won in Agendor
    2. Zapier sends a message to a Slack channel of your choice

    What You Need

    • Agendor account
    • Slack account
  • Create people in Agendor from new Typeform entries

    If the first things you do every morning or at the end of the day is going back and forth between Agendor and Typeform to manually add all the new leads that came isn’t a good use of your time, is it? You can make Zapier watch Typeform for you, creating a person on Agendor for every new entry received on your form, freeing your mind for such repetitive tasks, lessening copy/paste mistakes and get you focused in what really matters, closing deals with your customers!

    How this Typeform-Agendor integration works

    1. A new Typeform entry is received
    2. Zapier automatically adds a Person on Agendor

    What You Need

    • Typeform account
    • Agendor account
  • Create new Trello cards for new won deals in Agendor

    Too much work to keep track of every new project sold? This Agendor-Trello integration helps, creating a new card whenever you win a deal on Agendor. That way you can stay organized and as new work comes up without wasting time.

    Note: This Zapier integration doesn't create new Trello cards for deals already won in Agendor, only new won deals after you've set it up.

    How this Agendor-Trello integration works

    1. A new deal is won in Agendor
    2. Zapier creates a card in Trello

    Apps involved

    • Agendor
    • Trello
  • Add new Agendor people to an AWeber list

    Stop manually copying and pasting people between Agendor and AWeber. Use this automation to instantly copy information to your favorite AWeber list and engage people through relevant emails. This Zapier integration will create a new AWeber subscriber whenever a person is created in Agendor.

  • Send new Agendor contacts Handwrytten notes

    Surprise and delight your Agendor contacts with handwritten notes. Each time you collect a new contact in Agendor, Zapier will automatically send the contact a Handwrytten note, written in a style of your choice.

    Remove the the hassle of sending handwritten follow-ups manually. Use Zapier, Agendor and Handwrytten to add a personal touch-point to your new lead.

  • Create or update leads in LAHAR from new people in Agendor

    Tired of constantly wasting time manually importing/exporting contact information across your various apps? Once activated, every new person added in Agendor will create a new lead, or update an existing lead, in LAHAR automatically.

  • Find or create people in Agendor from new leads in LAHAR

    Having trouble managing contacts between your various tools? With this Zapier integration activated, a new person will be created or updated in Agendor automatically to help you keep contact information up-to-date.

  • Find or create deals in Agendor from new leads in LAHAR

    Do you find that you're spending too much time manually adding deals from new leads? With this integration activated, Zapier will find an existing deal or create a new one in Agendor whenever a new lead is added to LAHAR automatically.

  • Find or create people in Agendor from new opportunities in LAHAR

    This Zapier automation will find or create a new person in Agendor whenever a new opportunity is added to LAHAR automatically. That way, you can focus on managing those opportunities and contacts instead of constantly copy/pasting information between your team's tools.

  • Find or create deals in Agendor from new opportunities in LAHAR

    Use this automation to keep track of your opportunities and deals. After you've set it up, Zapier will find an existing deal, or create a new one, in Agendor whenever a new opportunity is created in LAHAR automatically.

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Agendor Integration Details

Launched on Zapier July 11, 2018

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Person") and Actions (like "Update Deal Status") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Agendor Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Person

Triggers when a new Person (Pessoa) is created.

Deal Won

Triggers when a Deal (Negócio) is set as won.

New Company

Triggers when a new Company (Empresa) is created.

Deal Lost

Triggers when a Deal (Negócio) is set as lost.

Updated Company

Triggers when an Company (Empresa) is edited.

New Deal

Triggers when a new Deal (Negócio) is created.

New Task

Triggers when a new Task (Tarefa/Comentário) is created.

Deal Stage Changed

Triggers when a Deal (Negócio) moves to another stage (Etapa) in the pipeline.

Updated Deal

Triggers when a Deal (Negócio) is edited.

Updated Person

Triggers when a Person (Pessoa) is edited.

Update Deal Status

Updates a Deal Status (Atualizar Status de um Negócio).

Update Deal Stage

Updates a Deal Stage (Mover Negócio de Etapa).

Create Task

Creates a Task (Tarefa/Comentário).

Update Deal Basic Data

Updates a Deal (Negócio).

Update Person

Updates a Person (Pessoa).

Update Company

Updates a Company (Empresa).

Find or Create a Deal

Finds a deal.

Find or Create a Company

Finds a company.

Find or Create a Person

Finds a person.

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