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Use LinkedIn for yourself and your business

By Zapier • Published May 18, 2021

You can use LinkedIn to promote yourself and your business, but all that posting and advertising can take up a lot of time. Use automated workflows to reduce extra work and get in front of the right audience more consistently.

Use Zapier to post on your LinkedIn business page

Zapier can help you cross-post between platforms (like Twitter and Facebook) to save you the trouble of posting twice and make sure your message is consistent. Social media automation is a great starting point if you're new to automation and want to understand how Zaps and triggers work.

Unsure what to post? Adrienne Sheares, owner of social media consultancy ViviMae Labs, advises brands to keep it real and avoid creating boring content that people won't want to read outside of work.

"People don't sit on social media thinking, 'Okay, now let me pick some B2B content to engage with,'" says Sheares. "Create good social media content that fits your brand. Humor, pain points, short and sweet copy, test it all, and see what resonates with your audience."

Personal branding expert Virginia Bautista cautions that building your personal brand on LinkedIn is not about you—it's about the people that you help.

"Don't use LinkedIn to push your products or services," said Bautista. "Use LinkedIn to help others by providing content that empowers, inspires, and educates. As you do that, don't be afraid to be yourself."

Crosspost between other social platforms and LinkedIn to save time

If your business regularly posts to one social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, setting up a LinkedIn posting Zap can help double your brand awareness automatically. You can even set up a Zap to share posts from any RSS feed, like your company blog, so that your company's LinkedIn audience can see whenever you post a new update.

Read our step-by-step tutorial on connecting Facebook Pages with LinkedIn Pages using Zapier for automatic posting.

Automatically promote events on LinkedIn

Regularly posting on social media is already hard, but consistently promoting events is even more work. Save time by setting up Zaps to share your new events without anyone having to log into LinkedIn.

Post jobs to LinkedIn using Zapier

Hiring is always a hassle, but auto-posting your job listings to LinkedIn with Zapier ensures that your openings will be seen by more qualified candidates. Use Zapier to automatically post all your newly listed jobs as company updates. Plus, you can even set up Zaps to welcome new employees publicly on LinkedIn when your hiring system updates them.

See all of the talent, recruitment, and HR management apps on the Zapier platform.

Use Zapier to post on your LinkedIn profile

Find new connections and customers by sharing your thoughts, advice, and successes on your personal LinkedIn profile. For individuals who work in office management, real estate, accounting, and other similar professions, LinkedIn is an excellent way to promote your personal brand without spending a dime. All you need to be successful is an updated profile and consistent posts. (And to follow a few best practices.)

New to LinkedIn and don't know what to post? Giving shoutouts to your coworkers for a job well done (make sure to tag them) is a friendly way to get comfortable posting regularly.

Start by sharing your blog posts and Tweets automatically to LinkedIn with Zapier—best practices recommend posting once per weekday on LinkedIn for maximum impact, so Zaps can save you time.

Personal branding is important no matter where you are in your career, but especially during a job search. Keeping your LinkedIn updated and posting regularly helps you stand out to future employers.

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