How to Send Fax to Email With Zapier and Phaxio

By Matthew Guay - Published September 21, 2018 -

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Need to receive faxes, but don't have a fax machine? Or wish it was as easy to get faxes as it is to get SMS messages and emails on your phone?

It can be. In this fax to email guide, you can set your fax number to send faxes to your email address. No matter where you are, when someone sends you a fax, it'll show up minutes later in your email inbox. Here's how.

What You Need:

  • A Zapier Account
  • An Email App
  • A document or plain text to fax
  • A number to send the fax
  • A Phaxio Account

What we'll do is use fax sending app Phaxio to receive faxes, and app automation platform Zapier to send the fax as an email to your inbox. You can start with a free Zapier account—and Phaxio costs 7¢ per page to US fax numbers and 10¢ per page to fax numbers anywhere else. You can either use Phaxio's phone number for free, or buy a US or Canadian fax number for $2 per month from Phaxio.

Get started quickly with this pre-made Zap template:

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1. Connect Your Phaxio Fax Number to Zapier

Phaxio Number in Zapier

Make sure you have a Phaxio account, or sign up for one. Then start building your Fax to Email workflow by clicking the Use this Zap button on the right in this page—or, if you already have a Zapier account and want to build your own Zap, click the Make a Zap button, choose Phaxio's app, then select the New Received Fax trigger.

Zapier will then show a webhook URL as above. Copy that, then open Phaxio's Webhooks settings and paste it in the Received Handler field.

You can then test the Zap—but for now, click Skip this Step to continue building your Zap with sample fax data.

Tip: If you build the Zap yourself—or open the Zap settings after making this Zap from a template—Zapier will also give you a few options if you build the Zap manually, to filter for faxes by caller ID or fax number.

2. Add Your Fax to Email Details

Zapier Fax to Email Details

All that's left is to set up your email notification. In the Zap template, add your personal email address to the To field—then save the changes and turn on the Zap. If you're building your own Zap, add an Email by Zapier action, then add the Fax details to the email and attached the faxed file to your message.

3. Receive New Faxes by Email

Now, whenever you need to receive a fax, share your Phaxio fax number with the person sending you a fax. Or, have them send the fax to Phaxio's free number 1 (877) 334-6654, and also copy and share your Phax Code barcode and have them include it in the first few pages of the fax.

Then when the fax comes in, Zapier will send it to your email inbox—and if you want, you can send a fax from your email inbox to reply as well!

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Published September 21, 2018

Written by Zapier writer Matthew Guay


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