Having Fun With RSS

By Zapier

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If you're a fan of RSS then you'll be a fan of these Zaps. Enjoy consuming RSS feeds and maybe try your hand at creating your own RSS feeds too. :)

Generate An RSS Feed For Anything

RSS is a handy way to browse through blogs and notifications, but there are lots of interesting things you could consume via RSS if you had a way to do it. Want to read email via RSS? How about GitHub commit history? Or maybe even Dropbox files?

Theses Zaps make it easy to consume any content you'd like via RSS. A fun place to start is by reading your Gmail inbox via RSS. What faster way to clear your inbox than that?

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Make An Unsupported App Work With Zapier with RSS

Zapier may not support every app you use…yet. But the good news is many apps do support RSS. If so, you can create your own triggers for that app using RSS.

A great example of this is Goodreads. Goodreads is not supported on Zapier, but you can easily grab the Goodreads RSS feed and push to Trello to work through your reading list.

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In the next chapter, have fun with these random, fun and obscure Zaps.

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