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  1. 1. Monitor social media for mentions
    Social media & monitoring can be time consuming and low ROI. Stop skimming all day. When someone hashtags your company, Zapier springs into action.
  2. 2. Drive the conversation
    Next, Zapier automatically sends a message to your chosen Slack channel. Your team can help customers, talk about your product, or stop bad press in its tracks.
  3. 3. Never miss an opportunity
    Our built-in Digest app collects the day’s activity, then sends you an email summary, so you can batch your work and make the most of your time.
subject: New Instagram Tags

Hi there,

Your hashtag was mentioned on Instagram 2 times!


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Marketing Experts Rely on Zapier

“Why am I using Zapier now? Probably because it enables me to stay on the cutting edge of marketing innovation. That’s the only reason I have a job. I do things other marketers can’t (or don’t) do.”

Guillaume Cabane, VP of Growth at Segment

“We’re a small, lean team that loves to leverage technology to do our work more effectively. For things that don’t require a human touch, we strive for automation. That’s why we love Zapier.”

Marie Forleo of MarieTV

“I needed a way to compile survey results in a database, so we could email personalized art recommendations to our users. So I used Zapier to connect our Typeform surveys with Google Sheets and built a database that way.”

Tara Reed of Apps Without Code

“The features I love most about Zapier are the Zaps that would never exist without Zapier. A good example would be automated reporting and data collection that can feed various content marketing campaigns, which we would never even bother to collect manually. Having the ability to automate that without an in-house developer is very valuable.”

Kane Jamison, Founder of Content Harmony

“What I've found is that you can do just about anything with Zapier… Try to think about what you want to do, and assume it can be done, and then figure out how to make it happen.”

Jeremy Goldman, Founder of Firebrand Group

“It's just so much more turnkey if you can have something [like Zapier] that basically builds the integration for you. That's the difference between being able to do a project and not being able to engage in that project.”

Sujan Patel, Founder of WebProfits and Single Grain