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With advanced administration controls, you can help your team to work more efficiently than ever.

Company plans start at $599 per month

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Flexible features your organization can count on

Company plans give you more control over how your team uses Zapier. We know how much your business relies on Zapier to connect its software, and we're committed to meeting the highest security standards.

SAML Single Sign On

Protect your account by linking Zapier to your company’s identity provider.

Access Control

Choose which software your employees can connect to Zapier.

Unlimited Teams

Bridge the gap between all your workflows with multiple Teams in one account.

Data Retention

Change how long Zapier preserves data in your company's account.

User Provisioning

Easily onboard and offboard team members through your SAML provider.

Account Capture

Capture teammates who sign up on their own under your Company account.

99.9% Uptime

Create business-critical workflows that you can count on—rain or shine.

Premier Support

We’re here to help. Our top-notch support team is on hand to answer questions. Fast.

ACH Payments

Pay your way. Choose from credit card, Paypal, or ACH options.

We’re serious about security

Protecting your data is our top priority. Zapier sets a high bar for security standards, so you can work with confidence.

Learn About Security At Zapier
At Outbrain, data security is a top priority, which means SAML authentication is absolutely essential. And we got it with our Zapier Company account.

Yaniv Nava, Senior Online Acquisition Manager

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Company plans start at $599 per month