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What's new at Zapier: May 2023

By Elena Alston · May 24, 2023
Screenshot of integration updates logos on an orange background

Looking for Zapier's latest product updates in May? Discover the most recent apps to join our platform and try out the latest features we've added to your favorite integrations. From our new ChatGPT integration to Jira's newest action, get automating to move your work forward, faster.

Latest updates


Thanks to a recent update, our Samdock integration has a new action that lets you update a person's information by their ID, allowing you to quickly and easily update specific information for a person in your Samdock account.

Timely Time Tracking

Our Timely Time Tracking integration has added two new searches to their integration: "Find Project" and "Find or Create Project." These new searches will make it easier to find and manage projects within Timely Time Tracking. 


Our Fortnox integration has two new triggers, one for when an invoice payment is booked and another for when an invoice is fully paid. Additionally, a new action allows users to create or update orders. Simplify your accounting with Fortnox. 


You can now create new posts in Canny whenever trigger events happen in other apps you use. Save time and effort when it comes to content creation. 


Our Placid integration now lets you create videos whenever trigger events happen in other apps you use. You can also trigger workflows in other apps whenever a new video or PDF is added to Placid. Say hello to better video creation. 


Our AMcards.com integration has a new action that allows users to cancel campaigns whenever trigger events happen in other apps. This new feature will let you easily cancel campaigns directly from Zapier, saving you time and hassle. 


Strava has a new trigger that lets you receive real-time notifications whenever a new activity is added to your Strava account. Stay up to date with your training progress and track your performance more efficiently. 


Our TickTick integration has a new trigger that lets you kickstart workflows whenever a task is deleted in TickTick. Keep track of deleted tasks so you can streamline your project management. 


Thanks to a recent update, our Cobot integration lets you create Help Desk issues whenever trigger events happen in other apps you use.  

Fello Connect

Fello Connect has added two new triggers to their integration that lets you startworkflows whenever the estimated value of a home is added to Fello Connect or a new tag is added to a contact. Stay on top of changes to your contacts and ensure you're always up-to-date.

Jira Software Cloud

We're excited to announce that our Jira Software Cloud integration has three new triggers! You can now trigger workflows whenever a new comment is updated or added to an issue in Jira Software Cloud or a new issue is added that matches some JQL. This allows you to keep track of all the comments made on your issues and take action accordingly.  


Thanks to a recent update, Xperiencify has added three new triggers to their integration. You can now trigger workflows whenever a customer cancels a subscription through Stripe, when a tag is added to a student, and when a student completes a course. Make it easier to manage your coaching business.


Our WooCommerce integration now lets you update the stock quantity of an existing product or variation by SKU or Product/Variation ID whenever trigger events happen in other apps you use. 

Kiflo PRM

Kiflo PRM has added a new action that allows you to create notes when trigger events happen in other apps you use. With this update, you can easily create and save notes in Kiflo, making it simple to keep track of important information.  

EZ Texting

Thanks to a recent update, our EZ Texting integration now lets you create or update contacts whenever trigger events happen in other apps. This means if a contact already exists with the same phone number, it will be updated with any new information provided instead of creating a duplicate contact. Streamline your contact management!

LinkedIn Ads

Thanks to a recent update, our LinkedIn Ads integration now lets you send conversion events in LinkedIn whenever trigger events happen in other apps. Easily track and analyze your campaign performance.

Mailbox Power

You can now trigger workflows in other apps whenever a contact scans a QR code in Mailbox Power. 


Our CompanyCam integration now lets you add labels to a project, update the project notepad, and add a checklist to a project whenever trigger events happen in other apps. Additionally, a new trigger will activate whenever a checklist is completed. Organize your projects like a pro. 

Latest launches

Screenshot of new app logos to join Zapier


Distilled is a product platform that helps you create the strategy around OKRs, solve any strategic pain points, and create collaboration and transparency across your organization. With it, you can distill data into actionable insights, set goals, and provide your team with greater context into business metrics. 


ChatGPT is an AI tool built by OpenAI that enables conversational automation. It's trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response. You can ask it to generate text, write copy, answer questions, and pull the chat experience into other apps. 


FormDesigner is a form builder that helps you create beautiful, responsive forms, surveys, quizzes, and calculators that are customizable to your site. You can use it to collect customer information, accept online payments, and streamline your data. 

Walla Form

Walla Form is a form builder that offers a wide range of features, including conditional logic, file uploads, and payment processing. Use Walla Form to collect more complex information from your customers and manage complex questions and logic at a glance. 


WorkRamp is a learning management system that helps you create and deliver training courses. With it, you can train your employees on new software, procedures, or products. Boost employee performance and supercharge customer education on one platform. 


QCommission is a commission tracking software that's specially designed to assist companies of all sizes in calculating compensation accurately, quickly, and professionally. Track how much each salesperson earns, ensure that they're paid correctly, and save time. 


OwnerRez is a property management software that helps you manage your rental properties from your channels, CRMs, accounting, messaging, and websites. You can use it to manage your channel listings while focusing on your brand, your website, and your way of doing things.


Oneflow makes work—specifically digital contracts—faster and easier. With it, you can automate the entire contract process to get a doc signed. From creating to signing and managing contracts, you can get faster processes, smarter decisions, and happier users.

Paperless Forms

Paperless Forms is an online form creation tool with E-signature. Designed for projects and companies of all sizes, Paperless Forms allows you to create and distribute professional forms to your entire audience in minutes. Your recipients can complete and sign them on any device without downloading, scanning, or printing.


Deel is a global employment platform that helps you hire and onboard remote workers from anywhere in the world. You can use it to find qualified remote workers, onboard them quickly and easily, and manage payroll.

My AskAI 

My AskAI is an AI assistant that lets you create your own ChatGPT, add your content, and launch it anywhere. Use My AskAI for customer service, scheduling, and research tasks, like answering customer questions, booking appointments, and finding information on the web.

Zoho Survey  

Zoho Survey is an online survey tool that helps you create and send surveys and questionnaires to effectively reach your target audience. You can use it to collect feedback from your customers, research new products or services, or gauge employee satisfaction.


Zenventory is an inventory management software that helps you track your inventory levels. You can use it to keep track of your products, order new inventory, and manage your reorders, shipping, and vendors in one place.

Check In Pointe 

Check In Pointe helps you set up backstage security for your dance recitals, helping you check dancers in and out. With Check In Pointe, you can set up shows online on a studio dashboard, create and assign students to shows, add contact and medical information, and more. 


MarkUp.io is a visual commenting tool that makes it simple to leave contextual feedback on 30+ file types, including websites, images, and videos. You can use it to cut down your review loops by 80%, enable your team to do their best work, and keep everyone happy in the process.


Vowel is an AI-powered video conferencing tool that helps remote teams host, capture, search, and share video meetings. With Vowel, your team gets an instant AI-powered summary alongside action items, transcripts, and recordings. 


DragApp turns Gmail into a team workspace that helps teams manage their helpdesks, CRM, tasks, and other workflows from their inbox. Built for Google Workspace users, it has boards, collaborative features, and productivity tools—so you can take care of everything in one place. 


Snipfeed is a monetization platform for content creators that's built in a bio link. You can personalize your own landing page, get started with pre-designed templates, and convert followers into customers. 


Baton is a project management platform for managing software implementations and customer onboarding. With it, you can standardize your customer onboarding, accelerate projects, and scale your team. 

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