Introducing New Ways to Use Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier

Kim Kadiyala
Kim Kadiyala / May 8, 2017

Facebook Lead Ads allow users to sign up for a newsletter, contest, offer, or any other gated content without needing to hop off their newsfeed and convert. Now you can set up Zaps to transfer those new leads to your CRM or email service provider from right inside the Facebook Ad Manager. That means you can instantly retrieve your Facebook leads and use the data collected to trigger automated workflows in 750+ apps using Zapier.

You no longer need to log in to Zapier to set up Facebook Lead Ads Zaps like these:

Instead, you can connect your lead form to your favorite communication tool within Facebook Ad Manager. Once you've built your lead ad campaign, click on the lead form as if you were downloading the results. In the pop-up, you'll see the option to connect your form to a CRM. Start by searching for your provider of choice, like MailChimp.

Facebook Zapier integration
Seamlessly connect your Facebook leads with your favorite business tool.

Once you connect your CRM or email app, you'll see a pre-built Zap template ready for you to use. Click "Create this Zap," and follow the prompts to set up your Zap and turn it on. Once your Zap is turned on, you won't ever need to do export your leads from Facebook and import them into your other apps again. Zapier has you covered and will send your new Facebook Lead Ad leads to your other business tools automatically.

With this update, it's the perfect time to check in on your own workflows and automate your lead gen process even more with Zapier. Need some inspiration? Here's how 5 Facebook Lead Ads users are maximizing their time with Zaps that streamline their workdays.

Focus on the Tasks That Matter

Before Italian furniture retailer Magazzinosottocosto started using this integration, getting new leads from a Facebook form into their email marketing app GetResponse was a slog. Now they use Zapier and Facebook Lead Ads to speed up their sales pipeline and free up the team's time for more important work. When new prospects fill out a form to receive the newest furniture catalog, Zapier automatically adds their info to GetResponse, saving her team at least $200/month in billable time.

"Downloading the leads CSV file from Facebook and then uploading to GetResponse was a manual process that took time away from our team's more important tasks," says CEO Simone Lolliri. "Now that the process is all automated, the team can focus on improving other crucial things, like the ads, emails, and blog posts."

Marketer Amber Jones of Breaking All Barriers Marketing also uses Zapier to put her admin work on autopilot, clearing her schedule for the big picture tasks. Her Zap adds new Facebook leads to a list in email marketing tool ActiveCampaign and then fires off a personalized offer via SMS.

"This Zap saves me tons of time by automating the daunting task of exporting, then uploading the list of leads from Facebook into a CRM, which gives me more time to work on my business." says Jones.

Keep Leads Warm

Digital marketing consultancy Yuge Marketing uses Zapier and Facebook Lead Ads to close the gap between interested prospect and satisfied buyer. When a new lead is captured via a Facebook form, a Zap automatically sends a text message via Twilio to both the team and the new lead. That way, the lead stays warm while the team springs into action to close the deal.

"I used to notice leads a day or two after the lead completed the form, and sometimes they were no longer interested," says president Aaron Jay Lev. "Now, I can respond moments after the lead completed the lead ad. This keeps them from continuing their search for similar providers and makes my company look responsive and professional."

Dental care company, Club Dental solved their frustrations of cold leads and wasted admin time with a similar integration. They also use a Zap to message new leads via Twilio, but take it one step further by adding those new contacts to their pipeline management tool, Pipedrive. After setting up this automation, their average response time dropped from over 24 hours to nearly immediate, giving their customers another reason to flash a smile.

"The experience for our customers is night and day different," says CTO Logan Cannon. "They get a call in a very timely manner and we probably save 10+ hours per week of our sales team's time."

Improve the Bottom Line

Coding bootcamp The Iron Yard acknowledged the powerful targeting that Facebook Lead Ads provide, but the labor cost of transferring those leads to their customer communication tool Intercom, took away from their bottom line. Now, with Zaps in place, Facebook Lead Ads is one of their top lead generation tools used to acquire new coding students at a low cost per lead. Even better, it allows the team to run a lean operation.

"Zapier allows us to do the work of a team that's 2 people larger because of the efficiency we gain," says CMO Eric Dodds. "It's been a big game changer for the way I run two departments at a national-level, distributed company."

Bonus: Optimize Facebook Ads Based on Events in Your Other Apps

The only thing better than a qualified lead, is a steady stream of qualified leads. Using the new Facebook Offline Conversions integration, your ads can be optimized based on events in your other apps - like clicks on an email campaign, new items in a shopping cart, or new conversations in support. That means once your lead takes action, Zapier will send that info back to Facebook to make your ads even smarter. Curious to learn more? Check out more details and some examples on how to use this new integration in your own lead nurturing workflows.