Upcoming App: Get Notified About Zapier's Google Hangouts Chat Integration

Carlin Sack
Carlin Sack / March 10, 2017
Google Hangouts Chat Integrations
The stage at Google Next conference, featuring upcoming Google Hangouts Chat integrations

This week, Google unveiled a brand-new team chat app: Google Hangouts Chat. The service is still in private beta, but it will be publicly available this summer—and so will its Zapier integration. Google has chosen Zapier to be one of the first integrations available for the tool.

Here's more about Google Hangouts Chat from Zapier's Matthew Guay:

Hangouts Chat is focused on ongoing conversations between teams in your company. You'll make groups to keep chats focused and can reply directly to any message to turn it into a sub-conversation. Or you can message individuals for one-to-one chats inside your company. It's also deeply integrated with the rest of G Suite, so you can share documents and manage appointments right from chat.

Perhaps most exciting is Google Hangouts Chat's built-in integrations and bots. It comes with a built-in @meet bot which, similar to Google Assistant in Allo chats, will help you find appointments and other info from your Google account. Then, with integrations from apps like QuickBooks, Box, and Zapier, you can send notifications about new data into your team chat and build your own bots without coding.

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