Turn Chat Rooms into Command Centers with Cisco Spark

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / June 22, 2016

Cisco Spark Integrations

How many apps are your conversations split across?

Effective communication is at the core of any business process. You need somewhere to chat, discuss, and share content. It needs to be secure, and accessible by everyone you collaborate with. And, of course, it needs to be easy to use.

Cisco Spark was built to address that need with a single communications platform for your team that you can use on every device.

Dedicated workspaces let you securely send messages, share files, and meet instantly with video. They're fully customizable and searchable, which means less time finding information, and more of it spent getting work done.

Working with multiple teams is easy, too. No need to swap domains or views to access different groups: Cisco Spark weaves all your conversations and content together so you can follow along and contribute effortlessly.

With Zapier's new Cisco Spark integration, all the information flowing through your other apps becomes a part of that conversation, too.

Messages with key details can be piped into your Spark rooms as events happen. Rooms can be created or deleted in response to new app data from elsewhere. You can even use Cisco Spark messages to trigger any workflows you want across your apps, making your rooms true control centers for your business.

We'll notify your team when a new document is created or updated on your cloud storage. Tap into your CRM with automation, and Zapier will provide updates on new leads or opportunities for everyone to see. Connect your rooms to your social media accounts and make posts by sending messages, or get alerts on mentions and followers without having to switch tabs.

You can lay out your workflows in the Zap editor right now, or get a head start with these popular examples:

Get Notifications As Your Work Evolves

Learn About New Files

Content Alerts, Broadcast Messages, and More!

Make sure your team has the tools it needs to collaborate, work more efficiently, and move faster with Cisco Spark and Zapier.