Make Automation Work as Hard as Your Clients With Trainerize

Jose Proenca
Jose Proenca / June 13, 2016

Trainerize Integrations

As a Trainer, your top priorities are always your customers and their workout plans. But the reality of managing a business can often get in the way of that, forcing you to spend time processing paperwork and sending emails instead of helping your clients get (and stay) fit.

Trainerize streamlines the entire process by managing your clients at every step of the way, from first interest to active training. Its feature-set is tailored specifically for personal trainers and includes connections to popular fitness trackers, communication/social tools, and a mobile app to keep you connected to clients and push plans out to them from anywhere you go.

And now, with Zapier's new Trainerize integration, your workflows expand to every other app you use.

You no longer have to email documents like PAR-Qs and liability waivers to your trainees, nor do you have to file them when they're signed—Zapier does it for you.

Instead of wasting time copy/pasting training plans over and over, Zapier automation can queue them up from new e-commerce sales, and even auto-activate clients when they finally commit to a program through your store. From then on, you can set their plan on auto-pilot as needed, and even make sure you're marketing new offers to them by having everyone added to your newsletter without any manual entry.

If you're ready to exercize your automation muscles, you can jump into the Zap editor and put together any workflow you want. Want to get started even faster? Use these common examples (and you'll find more in the App Automation section of your Trainerize dashboard):

Auto-Process Client Documentation

Set Up Clients Directly From Sales

Market to New Clients

Serious about personal training? With Trainerize and Zapier, and you can finally make clients come before admin work.