Meeting Scheduling Made Easy with Calendly

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / March 22, 2016

In your professional career, you've probably had this conversation before…

You: can we meet?
Them: sure, how about 4pm tomorrow?
You: no, I'm not free then. how about 3pm?
Them: I'm not free then either…

And again, and again. By the time you have found a time both of you can meet, you are probably 10 emails into things, and incredibly frustrated. It puts your meeting on bad footing, even before it begins.

Calendly can help you solve this ever increasing problem, by connecting your existing calendar to other time preferences you have, and allowing anyone to simply pick a time you are available. Need to schedule a meeting with someone? Just send them a link to pick a time that works for them to speak, and elimiate that back and forth forever.

By connecting Calendly to other apps in your arsenal through Zapier, you can be sure to keep those conversations going. Send new meeting invitees to your email marketing tools, your CRM, get notified of them in your team chat app, even send them a follow up email as soon as they confirm.

Here's a few ways you can use Calendly's new integration:

Take control of your scheduling communications, and try Calendly. Plus, see all of the potential when connecting your meeting scheduling app to any of Zapier's 500+ tools.