Extract Mailing Addresses from Emails with Mailparser

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / April 8, 2015


If you need a powerful way to copy data from your email messages and send it to your other apps in Zapier, Mailparser is one of the best apps you could choose. It includes helpful filters to let you drill down and copy any piece of content out of your emails, giving you an easy way to automatically copy data from orders, invoices, real estate management apps, older forms and much more.

There's one thing that's always been a bit more difficult to copy, though: mailing addresses. They can vary between country and region, include extra information that can break standard email parsing, and more. Plus, if you're copying data into your CRM or contacts app, you'll likely want to separate the address, city, country, postal code and more instead of just copying the entire address.

Mailparser is now the perfect tool for addresses, too, with its new postal address parsing and verification. There's a new text filter that can recognize common fields in addresses around the globe, splitting out the street number, road name, city, postal code, and more into individual components that you can connect to your CRM, contacts app, and more in Zapier.

If you need to copy addresses from email messages often, give Mailparser's new address parsing a try. It'll only take a minute to point it to the mailing address in your emails, and then it'll automatically recognize everything else. You'll never have to manually copy and paste an address again!

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