Add Data to Your CRM, Spreadsheets and More From Cognito Forms with Zapier

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / July 20, 2015

cognito forms

Your website likely needs a number of forms—contact forms, order forms, job application forms, and more. Cognito Forms is an easy-to-use form builder that's a great tool for the task.—and it's free, too!

Cognito Forms includes all of the form builder features you'd expect, including advanced tools like repeating sections, conditional logic, and more. There's even a WordPress plugin to make it easy to add forms to your blog. And if you want to sell products, you can easily add payment fields, and Cognito Forms will only charge you 1% of your sales.

It's a great way to make forms for your site for free, and only pay when you're making money from them. And now, with its new Zapier integration, it's also a great way to send data to the rest of the apps you use from your forms.

Cognito Forms is one of the apps we included in our roundup of the best form apps, and once you get it working with the rest of your apps it'll be an even more valuable form tool. Here's some great ways to start integrating your Cognito Forms with your other apps:

How To Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for a Cognito Forms account, and also make sure you have a Zapier account.
  2. Connect your Cognito Forms account to Zapier.
  3. Check out pre-made Cognito Forms integrations.
  4. Or create your own from scratch in the Zapier Dashboard.