Record and Share Your Daily Highlights with RescueTime's New Triggers & Actions

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / December 17, 2014

RescueTime is an incredible little tool that helps individuals achieve higher levels of productivity. It does so by summarizing your daily computer use, keeping an eye on what you spend to much time on or when you're at your best.

The app has been a favorite on Zapier and today it'll only get more popular as it now offers two new triggers and one new action—four times the initial number of triggers and actions for RescueTime.

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New Trigger: Daily Summaries

Accessible to all RescueTime users—both those on lite and premium plans!

RescueTime's new Daily Summaries feature is a high-level rollup of what you log in the tool each day, including the total time logged, time spent at different productivity levels, and time spent in each major category.

With Zapier, you can use that daily summary to send a daily email report, log productivity in a Google Sheet and more.

New Trigger: Daily Highlights

RescueTime's new Daily Highlights features lets you log notes about what you've accomplished each day, such as "achieved inbox 0" or "called 15 sales leads". Now whenever you enter a highlight in RescueTime, you can use a Zap to broadcast it to other apps, too.

New Action: Log a Daily Highlight

Not only can you send Daily Highlights to other apps via Zapier, but you can use Zapier to automatically add Daily Highlights from activity elsewhere, too. For example, every time you publish a post on your blog or mark a task in your project management tool complete, make note of it in RescueTime.

To try out one of these new triggers and actions today, head on over to the RescueTime Zapbook page or jump into the Zap editor.

Learn more about this update on RescueTime's blog, "Zapier integration update: Daily summary reports and Automated highlight logging".