Add SMS Marketing to Any App with Call Loop and Zapier

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / October 20, 2014

call loop landing

Your customers are on their phones far more than their computers, and their email inbox is already packed with messages. That's why you should reach them direclty on their phones, and Call Loop—with its new Zapier integration—is ready to help you do just that.

Call Loop lets you send SMS messages and automated calls to your contacts, and more. And now, you can use it to send SMS messages to your contacts from any app you use. You can use Zapier to send new contacts to Call Loop, send customized SMS messages to individuals or groups, and more.

Here's some great ways you can use Call Loop today to add SMS marketing to the apps you're already using:

Be sure to check out Call Loop's blog post about the ways you can put Call Loop to work with your other apps. Then, check our Zapbook page on Call Loop with more apps and ways you can put it to use, or check our Call Loop help page if you get stuck.