Drip Email Campaigns Now Available on MailChimp

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / August 15, 2014

MailChimp Automation Workflows

Email newsletters are a great way to reach your customers to share company updates, and MailChimp is one of the best ways to to send them. And now, MailChimp is also great for email drip campaigns, or in other words, automatically sending a series of emails to people after they buy your product, subscribe to your site, and more.

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This added functionality is part of MailChimp's new Automation Workflow feature that lets you trigger a drip campaign. That way, the newest people on your lists will still get the same info as people who’ve been subscribed for years. It’s a great way to share helpful product tips with each new customer or share your best blog posts with every new subscriber.

Best of all, MailChimp Automation Workflows works with Zapier! Anything that works with a traditional email list in MailChimp works with the new automation lists. You can use Zapier to add new to drip campaigns from a web form, email reply, CRM entry and more.

Here are some great ways you can automate your MailChimp drip campaigns with Zapier. For more ideas, check out the MailChimp Zapbook page.