Zapier is now available in Slack's Workflow Builder

Hannah Herman
Hannah Herman / October 7, 2020
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For 13 million people around the world, Slack is the place that work happens every day. They use it to connect with colleagues, collaborate on projects, and cheer on their teams.

Today, we're excited to announce a new way to automate that work—without ever leaving the collaboration platform. Now, you can access Zapier directly from Slack's Workflow Builder so you can build Zaps that automate the most common Slack-related tasks.

Why use Zapier in Slack's Workflow Builder?

Slack's Workflow Builder makes it easy to automate routine tasks in the collaboration platform. With Zapier and Workflow Builder together, you can also create Slack-based workflows that do work in the other apps you use every day.

Zap sharing launch header

For example, you can create create Todoist items based on reacji, update leads in a CRM like Pipedrive, automatically send emails from Gmail or Outlook, and more. With Zapier and Workflow Builder together, you can spend less time bouncing between Slack and your other apps—and more time on the work that really matters.

How it works

To get started, open Slack's Workflow Builder, which is nested under Tools in your workspace's menu. You can also launch Workflow Builder from any channel by hitting the Shortcuts lightning bolt icon.

You can choose to either create your own workflow or work off of a template. Once you install Zapier in your Slack workspace, select More Steps from Apps Powered by Zapier from the Steps from Other Apps list. Slack's Workflow Builder will prompt you to connect your Zapier account.

From there, you can select the app you want to connect to Slack. For example, you might want Zapier to create a new item in your to-do app whenever someone reacts to a Slack message with a particular emoji. Workflow Builder will guide you through the process of selecting an app, authorizing your account (if you haven't already), and creating a Zap that accomplishes your desired action.

Finally, click the Publish button in the top righthand corner of the Workflow Builder window, and you're done! The best part? You can do all of this directly in Slack's Workflow Builder pane, without leaving the collaboration platform or opening another browser tab.

Ready to try it for yourself? Install the Zapier app in your Slack workspace to get started!

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