Word up! WordPress eCommerce Toolkit WooCommerce Comes to Zapier

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / September 12, 2013

WooCommerce makes setting up an ecommerce store easy and eye-pleasing. Zapier makes running a business simple and smooth. What happens when you combine the two? Time savings and increased sales. That’s what we’d expect.

Starting today, WooCommerce users can add the Zapier extension to instantly connect their ecommerce platform to 200-plus services, such as email marketing software MailChimp, CRM system Highrise or accounting software Xero.

After the extension has been added, the possibilities are almost limitless. Tap into Twilio, for example, to automatically send a customer an SMS notification whenever their order's status changes or connect to a Google Docs spreadsheet to have a new row added each time a new order is received and paid for.

Here’s a look at the early frontrunners of popular WooCommerce integrations. You can find more over in our service directory.

How to use this integration

![WooTheme ninja]

If you want to use one of these integrations there are just a few things to do:

  1. Sign in to (or create) your WooCommerce store—make sure you have a Zapier account, too
  2. Install and activate the WooCommerce Zapier Integration plugin
  3. Check out a few of the pre-made WooCommerce Zaps or
  4. Start creating your own

WooCommerce is excited, too. Check out the Zapier integration announcement on their blog: "Automate your WooCommerce store".