Get Your WordPress Forms to Work With Anything Using Gravity Forms

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / July 16, 2013

If you spend a lot of time in the WordPress ecosystem, then you've likely heard of this new Zapier integration, Gravity Forms. For several months the most popular integration request was better support for form software with WordPress hosted sites and Gravity Forms is the number one WordPress forms provider.

So what is Gravity Forms? Gravity Forms is an easy way to add forms to your WordPress site. Simply install the Gravity Forms plugin and you can start creating forms from right inside your WordPress admin right away. It's really that easy.

So what's great about the Gravity Forms integration with Zapier? Well in the past, Gravity Forms users were limited to a small subset of tools they could use with their forms, but with Zapier you can have Gravity Forms pump information into hundreds of web applications including Podio, Google Spreadsheets, Asana, Trello, you name it and Zapier probably supports it.

The integration with Gravity Forms has been running in beta over the last few weeks and has already been used over one thousand times. Check out some of the popular Zaps with Gravity Forms already in use below.

That's just a few examples, but there are quite a few more examples of Gravity Forms integrations over in the service directory.

How to Use This Integration

If you want to use this integration there are just a few things to do.

  1. Go over to Gravity Forms and signup for an account. Make sure to get a Zapier account if you haven't already.
  2. Connect your Gravity Forms form to a specific Zapier Zap
  3. Use the Gravity Forms Zapier tutorial to setup your first Zap
  4. Check out a few of the pre-made Gravity Forms Zaps
  5. Start creating your own

Good luck setting up your Gravity Forms Zaps and for more information check out the Gravity Forms v1.0 launch post plus the setup documentation.