New for Our Google Docs Integration: Create Documents from Templates

Deborah Tennen
Deborah Tennen / February 13, 2019

Google Docs templates save you time on repetitive documents, whether it's invoices, meeting notes, offer letters, or anything in between. Now, with Zapier, you can streamline the process even more by automating what information is populated in your template.

Zapier will automatically send information from the other apps you use most into your Google Docs templates. That removes the copy-pasting and editing normally involved in using templates and allows you to create new Google Docs from an existing template without lifting a finger.

For example, you can autopopulate candidate information into your Google Docs offer letter template whenever a candidate is moved to the offer stage in your HR software. Apply that to the 1,000+ apps supported by Zapier, and the options are nearly endless.

→ Automate your documents with Zapier's Google Docs integrations.