Getting Your Web Software to Work With a Database

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / May 6, 2013

Working with a database isn't always easy, but the team over at QuickBase has done a great job making a solid database application that's easy to work with and has a lot of built in applications for working with your data.

QuickBase, a database product from Intuit, is used by half the Fortune 100 and comes with a lot of pre-baked applications that make it easy to build all sorts of applications on top of QuickBase.

But sometimes you don't want to build applications on your database you just want it to work with the web apps you already use and that's where the QuickBase Zapier integrations come into play. With Zapier you can:

That's just a few examples, but there are quite a few more examples of QuickBase integrations over in the service directory.

How to Use This Integration

If you want to use this integration there are just a few things to do.

  1. Go over to QuickBase and signup for an account. Make sure to get a Zapier account if you haven't already.
  2. Connect your QuickBase account to Zapier
  3. Check out a few of the pre-made QuickBase Zaps
  4. Start creating your own

Have fun with the QuickBase Zaps and if you haven't checked out QuickBase make sure to give it a try.