HipChat News: HipChat and Stride Have Been Acquired by Slack

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / July 27, 2018

Stride plus Slack

One of the original team chat apps, HipChat was where many of us began collaborating online with our teams in chat rooms. It made chat fun, with emoticons before we were using emoji daily, and apps that worked everywhere. Then last year, the HipChat team launched Stride as a new take on team chat.

Slack, however, continued to be more popular than either HipChat or Stride. After years of declining use, this week Slack has acquired both HipChat and Stride.

"While we’ve made great early progress with Stride, we believe the best way forward for our customers and for Atlassian is to enter into a strategic partnership with Slack and no longer offer our own real-time communications products," wrote the Atlassian team in their announcement.

For the moment, nothing changes. If your team's currently using HipChat or Stride, you can continue to chat as normal through February 15th, 2019. During that time, you can migrate your team to Slack—or switch to another team chat app. Slack over this year will gain new integrations with Atlassian's JIRA, Conflusion, and Trello apps to help your team work as efficiently in Slack as you did in HipChat.