New for Our Hatchbuck Integration: Add Zapier to Hatchbuck Automations with Webhook Automation Trigger

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / June 19, 2018

Using Hatchbuck automations to streamline important marketing workflows? Now, with Zapier's new Hatchbuck New Webhook Automation Event trigger, you can send contact data from Hatchbuck to the other apps you use and love in a zap.

The Webhook Automation works just like any other automation step in Hatchbuck. Add a Webhook Automation as a Hatchbuck campaign step to have Zapier, say, send an SMS message to a contact. Or, have Zapier register contacts who fill out a Hatchbuck form to a GoToWebinar. It's a frictionless way to connect Hatchbuck to your other favorite applications. Check out some ideas for using this new feature via Hatchbuck.

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