New for Our QuickBooks Online Integration: Automatically Find Product Details in Zaps

Matthew Guay
Matthew Guay / July 20, 2018

QuickBooks Online includes dozens of features to manage every aspect of your business and accounting work. And with Zapier’s newly updated QuickBooks Online integrations, you can now automate more of your work than ever.

Zapier’s New Expense, New Bill, and New Purchase Order triggers now let you watch QuickBooks for more data so you can log expenses and start workflows for new bills and orders.

Want to log more data? Zapier now can create journal entries, add time entires, expenses, purchase orders, and credit memos. You can also change data with the new Update Invoice action, or can refund receipts automatically with Zapier.

Need to use your QuickBooks data in other apps? Zapier’s new searches can now find vendors and products to pull their info into your invoices, orders, and other records.

You can also include more data in your invoices, checks, and sales receipts with Zapier. Our Create Invoice action can now include terms, tracking numbers, service dates, billing and shipping addresses, currencies, discounts, and more. The Create Check action can now assign customers or vendors, add payees and customers, and set check classes. Our Create _Sales Receipt action can also now include departments, customers, receipt numbers, shipping amounts, and more.

Together, you’ll find over a dozen new ways to speed up your work with Zapier’s detailed QuickBooks Online integrations to keep you from wasting time on busywork.

→ Automate your products, financial data, and more with Zapier's QuickBooks Online integrations.