Updates to Our FullContact Integration: 12 New Triggers, Searches, and Actions for Contact Management

Kim Kadiyala
Kim Kadiyala / November 29, 2017

Trading business cards at an event can leave your pockets bursting with new contacts—but getting those contacts off the cards and into the tools you use to communicate can be a challenge. The FullContact Card Reader connects to Zapier, allowing you to scan business cards and add those contacts to more than 750 business apps you use every day—to create profiles in a CRM, follow-up tasks in a project management app, or even send them a follow-up email to connect.

We're excited to share the FullContact-Zapier integration just got a major upgrade. With the addition of 12 new Triggers, Searches, and Actions, the integration goes far beyond business card management and opens up workflows for managing and growing your professional relationships.

For example, now you can tag contacts in FullContact to add them to a MailChimp list. Or, if you're collecting client information via a form, you can use a Zap to search your FullContact list and update their info—ensuring you have the latest details on hand.

What's New with the FullContact + Zapier Integration

New Triggers

  • New Contact: Triggers when a contact is created.
  • New Deleted Contact: Triggers when a contact is deleted.
  • New Deleted Tag: Triggers when a tag is deleted from your account.
  • Updated Contact: Triggers when a contact is updated.
  • New Tag: Triggers when a tag is created on your account.
  • New Updated Tag: Triggers when a tag is updated.

New Search

  • Find Contact: Find a contact by name, company, email or a combination of all three.

New Actions

  • Update Contact: Updates a contact.
  • Add Note to Contact: Appends a note to a contact.
  • Create Contact: Creates a contact.
  • Tag Contact: Tags a contact.
  • Create or Get Tag: Gets or creates a tag.

Already using FullContact + Zapier? Make sure to update your connection to the new FullContact app. You'll know which version of the integration your Zap is on based on the name—update your Zaps to "FullContact" from "FullContact (Legacy)". Heads up that the previous, New Scanned Card Trigger is now called, New Business Card Transcribed. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to update your existing Zaps.

Heads up that on February 28, 2018, FullContact will be turning off support for their "Legacy" version and any Zaps still using the older version after this date will stop working.

If you need help rebuilding any Zaps, feel free to reach out to our team with questions.

How to Automate FullContact with Zapier

  1. Make sure you have a Zapier account and a FullContact account

  2. Try some pre-made FullContact integrations and learn more about how FullContact works with Zapier

  3. Check out our FullContact help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

  4. Or login to build a custom workflow with FullContact and Zapier