Introducing Zapier for Teams: Automate Everything, Together!

Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy / May 4, 2017

Want to improve your entire team's efficiency with a single tool? Today we're introducing Zapier for Teams—your solution to giving every one of your teammates the automation power of Zapier.

Zapier for Teams lets you create teams, invite your teammates, and cover the costs of everyone's usage on a single invoice. Your team can leverage the full power of automation and not worry about shared logins or hassles with multiple employee invoices.

But it’s also so much more.

We originally built Zapier’s powerful features for individual professionals looking to automate and connect their favorite apps. But when you start adding multiple team members to the mix, you need additional features to help keep things organized and your team productive.

So before we even started working on Zapier for Teams, we talked to our customers who were already using Zapier as a team to make sure that we got this right and knew what team accounts should look like. Which is why we’re super excited to finally introduce you to our new team accounts. (We think you're going to love them)

Create Your Team

Alright, ready to learn about what’s included in Zapier for Teams? Then let’s dive in!

One Team, One Invoice

Zapier for Teams uses shared billing to pool together all of your team’s usage on a single invoice. No more headaches of passing around the company card or sorting through multiple employee expenses for their Zapier account.

No 'Per Member' Pricing

Grow your team as big as you need. There's no cost for adding teammates—or being a member of a team. Zapier will scale with you and you'll just pay for the Tasks your team uses. This also means team members don’t need to pay for a personal account in order to be part of a team.

Pay for What You Use

With Zapier for Teams, we’re introducing a new “pay for what you use” pricing model. Team accounts will start at $250/mo and include 50,000 Tasks—but if you need more than that, it’s no problem. Any additional Tasks your team uses will just be added to your bill at our per task pricing. No more paused Zaps for going over limits. No more plans to upgrade. Just focus on growing your business and Zapier will be there for your team.

Zapier’s Premium Features for Everyone

Each member of your team will receive Zapier’s most powerful automation features, including:

Private Workspaces

Team members get their own private workspace within the team to store their Zaps. Team owners can see how many Zaps and Tasks a member uses but can't see or edit another member's Zap. And since each team member will have their own account and login, teams can also take advantage of two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.

Easily Track Team Usage

Team owners can see the Zap and Task usage of each team member in the team settings. If your team uses more than the included 50,000 Tasks, owners can see what the predicted number of Tasks will be based on previous usage in your team’s account settings.

The Power to Automate Everything

With teams, there is no limit to the number of Zaps you can create. Create 10 Zaps or create 1,000—we’re giving you the freedom to automate the tasks that make your business run.

Bring Your Existing Zaps

Got a bunch of Zaps already in your personal account? No problem! Easily move all or some of your Zaps from your personal account to the team account with the click of a button.

Ready to assemble your team? Get started by visiting our Zapier for Teams page for more info or using the button below to create your team.

Create Your Team

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