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Todoist automation tips: Connect your to do list with other apps

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Todoist automation tips: Connect your to do list with other apps

By Harry Guinness · December 22, 2019
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A good to-do app helps you keep on top of your personal and professional obligations—and Todoist is one of the best. It’s totally online, so you can access your tasks from anywhere, and collaborative projects mean that whether you want to share a grocery list or run a business with someone else, you’re both working from the same page. If you want one to do app for your personal, family, and work lives, Todoist is hard to beat.

Todoist users have completed more than 1.5 billion tasks across over 150 million projects, including at companies like Amazon, Disney, and Facebook. If you’re one of the many Todoist fans who wants to integrate it even more tightly into your life, here are some ways you can use Zapier to do just that.

Link your life to Todoist

While Todoist is an awesome way to manage your to-do lists, it’s hardly the only app you ever use. Some of your tasks will end up in your email or calendar app. If you remember to, you can use Todoist’s Quick Entry option to add these tasks to the appropriate project—but wouldn’t it be easier if you could automate the process?

Using Zapier, you can integrate all the other apps in your life with Todoist. For example, you can automatically add new Google Calendar events as tasks or add starred messages to your task list for follow-up. Here are a few Zaps—Zapier's automated workflows—to get you started.

Link Todoist to other productivity apps

In an ideal world, you’d only ever have to use a single productivity or task management app. Sadly, that’s rarely the case. If you work with different teams (or even people with different processes and preferences), you’re likely to find that some of your important tasks end up being coordinated in Slack, Trello, GitHub, or some other productivity app.

Zapier can make your world a little better by connecting any other productivity apps you have to use to your Todoist account and automating the process of adding tasks. For example, if someone adds you to a card on Trello, you can make sure it makes it to Todoist. Here are some Zaps to give you ideas:

Track what you get done

If you’re having a slow day where it feels like you’re getting nowhere, one of the best ways to make yourself feel better is to look over all the tasks you’ve accomplished in the last few days or weeks. Often, it’s all you need to realize that you’re actually achieving a lot. With these Zaps, you can automatically create a record of what you get done, for yourself, or to share with your manager or clients:

Never forget a (potential) customer

If you run your own business, one of the most important tasks you’ll face is keeping on top of customer service. With Zapier, you can automatically add important customer tasks—like shipping an order or following up on a customer support query—to your personal Todoist to-do list, so they never slip through the cracks. Here are some Zap ideas to inspire you:

Todoist is a great to do app, but with Zapier, you can make it even better. By using Zapier to connect Todoist with the other apps you need to use, you can ensure that you really do have one master list for all your tasks—personal and professional.

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Harry Guinness is a writer and photographer from Dublin, Ireland. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Lifehacker, the Irish Examiner, and How-To Geek. His photos have been published on hundreds of sites—mostly without his permission.

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