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Articles tagged "Tech tips"

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App tips Zoom

6 Zoom shortcuts for less fumbling during meetings

These are the shortcuts that will help keep you from frantic fumbling in the middle of Zoom calls.

By Melissa King

3 min read

A hero image with the images of the people who answered the question posed by Terkel about technology and the recession

11 tech tools you need during economic uncertainty

We asked people: What are the technologies and software that are indispensable for your business, even during a recession?

By Brett Farmiloe from Terkel

6 min read

A hero image with the QuickLook logo on a blue background

Quick Look is the best Mac feature. Here's how to add it to Windows.

One of the hardest parts of switching to Windows, for me, is the lack of Quick Look. This app gives me something similar.

By Justin Pot

2 min read

A hero image for Google app tips with the Google logo

How to free up space in your Google account

Find large files in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos to free up storage space.

By Justin Pot

3 min read

A hero image with the icon for file sharing or file transfer

How to send large files

Sharing mega-files? Ditch the email. Here are 4 ways to share large files.

By Elisa Silverman

6 min read

Hero image of a MacBook computer

How to clean up your Mac (on the inside)

My Macs last a really long time because I care for them with the same devotion I once had for my Tamagotchis.

By Michelle Martin

7 min read

A hero image for HubSpot app tips with the HubSpot logo on an orange background

What is Hubspot—and what does it do?

HubSpot coined the term inbound marketing, but saying something is an inbound marketing tool doesn't mean much when you don't know what inbound marketing actually means. 

By Ana Gotter

6 min read

A hero image for Chrome app tips with the Chrome logo on a red background

How to restore tabs on Chrome

I panicked when I thought Chrome took this feature away, but it turns out they just hid it. Here's how to restore tabs on Chrome.

By Deb Tennen

1 min read

A hero image for Slack app tips with the Slack logo on a purple background

How to hyperlink in Slack

Everyone seems to find themselves fumbling with hyperlinks in Slack, but it's almost magic how easy it is. There are two main ways to do it.

By Deb Tennen

1 min read

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