New on Zapier: YouCanBook.Me, Sniply, Ninja Forms, LeadOutcome, Surveypal and 6 More Apps

Meet Zapier's New Community Caretaker, too

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / Published January 30, 2015

Three new Zapier community activities. Eleven new apps on Zapier—now 390 integrated apps. A much improved free Zapier Email Parser. And four fresh faces on a growing Zapier team.

As we highlighted in our 2014 recap, Zapier is out to make work easier for you in 2015. Constantly integrating new apps is one way, but improving current integrations and supplying you resources to learn the best ways to use automation is a priority, too. Read on to learn how you can benefit from all three.

The Zapier Community

Hi Zapier users, I'm Alison Groves and if you haven't heard from me yet, I'm excited to meet you. In my new role as Zapier's community caretaker, my goal this year is to meet every single one of you—all 442,654 users. OK, well, that might be a bit ambitious, but I would like to help each of you automate those tedious and time-consuming tasks in your day to get back to doing what matters. Sound like a deal? If you're in, here's three ways you can join me.

Tune In for Live Zapier Demos Weekly

Zapier Demo
New weekly training sessions every Wednesday.

Starting February 11, every Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST we'll host a free training session about the best ways to automate an app with Zapier. So far, we've highlighted Twitter, Google Sheets, Gmail, Pipedrive and Streak. You can tune in live as we do the demo—the next app is Podio—and participate in our Q&A, or stay tuned to @Zapier on Twitter each Thursday for the recording release.

Share Your Favorite Zap for a Free Tee

Clark Buckner
TechnologyAdvice's Clark Buckner shows his Zapier love.

We're starting a new tradition today on the Zapier blog. As part of these monthly roundups, we want to award you a comfy free Zapier tee in exchange for sharing your favorite Zap in the comments. The first 10 to do so will soon see some swag in their mailbox.

Tell us your favorite Zap in the comments below and receive a free Zapier tee!

Email Me

Want to share how you use 15 Zaps to automate your entire sales process? We want to hear about, too. We've now begun featuring your unique cases on individual Zap pages across Send me an email (, letting me know how Zapier makes your life easier, and I'll share that with the rest of the world.

New and Updated Apps on Zapier

January Apps 2015


Trying to book appointments and meetings with clients can be quite a pain, but online booking tool YouCanBook.Me aims to make that as seamless as possible. Partnered with Zapier, those bookings can be connected to hundreds of different apps, ranging from email reminders to lead generation.


Man of us share content every day across our online networks, and Sniply gives you an easy way to add your own information to that shared content. Add Zapier to that, and you have a great ways to grow your email list and add leads to your CRM.

Ninja Forms

If you’re a Wordpress user, Ninja Forms is a great way to build a myriad of form types right on your site. Once you have the plugin installed, you can create any form you’d want for your website. Combine that with some of the Zaps below, and you have powerful automation for incoming form data.


Marketing automation tools are a reliable way to make your life in lead generation a little bit easier. LeadOutcome can help you connect the dots and make your lead generation a snap. The company put together a welcome page for Zapier users, too, to help you get the most out of both tools.


Grabbing feedback from your users or customers is essential, and Surveypal makes it extremely easy for them to provide you with that from any device-desktop, mobile, or tablet. Coupled with Zapier, you can seamlessly integrate those answers with just about any app you can think of.


SupportBee is an easy to use helpdesk that offers a fresh pricing model, too: instead of charging your team per customer support rep, you're charged by the number of tickets you answer. Now use Zapier with SupportBee to, for example, get notifications of new tickets in your team chat app.


Communicating with your website visitors can be a boon for sales and marketing efforts, and ClickDesk offers several ways to do just that. Use the app to chat, call, or encourage your audience to share your site on social media.


ClinchPad is a CRM that offers two ways to keep contacts organized-either by the product that interests them or where they’re located. It features the Kanban method for organization of your sales process, too, and when connected to Zapier can save you loads of time creating leads or sending contact data elsewhere.


Sezion helps you overcome one of video's broad limitations by offering a way to personalize each one just like you would an email campaign. Hook up Sezion with Zapier to start making personalized videos for clients—all it takes it a spreadsheet and a Zap.


Skilljar’s learning management system (LMS) empowers organizations to easily create, customize and deliver online training. And now sending course registration data to the other apps you use is just a few clicks away as Skilljar now integrates with Zapier.


Do you need help with inventory and asset management? BarCloud has a great web and mobile solution to keep all of that in line for you, as well as now the ability to send that data to 380-plus apps with the help of Zapier.

Updated Pushbullet Functionality

Notifications app Pushbullet has grown from just sending notifications to your phone to sending them on just about any device you use. With a customized Zapier integration or two, you can be notified on an almost infinite number of things wherever you are at any time.

Read more about Pushbullet's new apps on the Zapier Updates blog, "Get Notifications from All Your Apps, Everywhere, with Pushbullet's New Mac and PC Apps", or if you've already downloaded the apps yourself, here are three popular automations to try.

Awesome Zapier Use by Customers

zapier team
Jazmin Hupp shows off a simple automation that anyone can utilize.

Our users continue to amaze us with all of the incredibly creative ways they automate their daily lives. January was no exception, with some of the best uses we’ve seen yet.

  • Love the title of Abdylas Tynyshov’s post this month, “Zapier - Automate the Obvious.” He covers a productivity hack that we actually took people through in our Gmail automation webinar earlier in the month. Abdylas shows you how to take incoming email and automatically create Trello cards so you do not have to recreate items from your inbox to your to-do list.

  • The team over at SendWithUs talks about their favorite tools internally for driving happiness and transparency. Using Zaps to send information from Twitter, Hacker News, and Reddit to Slack keeps their entire team in the know.

  • Drew McManus from ArtsHacker breaks down some valuable Zapier use cases for those in the performing arts field. Covering everything from email marketing to buying tickets to selling educational courses, Drew presents some great uses for those in the performing arts area.

  • Build your email list in two clicks,” boasts Jazmin Hupp, and she gives artists and small business owners an awesome tutorial on how to build their email lists using Gmail and Mailchimp with a little help from Zapier.

  • If you find yourself trying to find the best webinar solution for your organization, Kristi Hines compiled a great roundup including many of the popular options out there. With it she added a few examples of ways to automate those tools with other apps via Zapier.

The Zapier Blog's Most-Read Posts

Zapier most read blog posts

The Zapier blog regularly takes a deep look at productivity, workflow automation and getting more done with less work. Here are this month's most-read posts:

New Faces at Zapier

New Faces at Zapier

Thomas Hils joins our support team as a Customer Champion, helping us take care of our users on the west coast and Australia. He actually hails from New Haven, Conn., but prefers to work later hours, so if you reside in one of those areas and need a hand with anything, chances are you'll hear from Thomas.

Also joining us this month from Barcelona, Spain is Lindsay Brand, who is helping us get one step closer to 24/7 support for our users. If you’re in Europe or Asia, chances are you’ll have a chance to meet Lindsay at some point.

Finally, marketing interns Marissa Daily, a senior at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and Nathaniel Eliason, a senior at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn., are joining us for the next four months. Keep an eye out on the Zapier blog for their bylines, such as this week's in-depth post on building an email list.

Interested in joining Lindsay, Thomas, Marissa, Nathaniel and a remote team that helps people across the world automate the boring and tedious parts of their job? Check out the positions below and be sure to keep tabs on our jobs page for future openings.

Want a free comfy Zapier tee like Jeff? Just be one of the first 10 to leave a comment letting us know your favorite Zap and we'll send one your way!

Go back in time! Read our December recap post: "Device Magic, Intellinote and Social Pilot Now on Zapier".

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