New on Zapier: iDoneThis, FormKeep, Weather, Jumplead, Benchmark, You Don't Need a CRM and Mailjet

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / Published February 27, 2015

Though February is the shortest month of the year, it didn't stop us from adding seven new apps to Zapier, releasing a 150+ page ebook on email marketing and launching an education hub to show the best ways to use automation.

Zapier is right at the cusp of 400 integrations, and growing rapidly. We’re excited to share them with you as soon as they are available for you to use, so make sure you’re subscribed to our app and product update blog.

Is there an app you use with Zapier that you’d like to learn more about? Or possibly an app you’ve heard about and been wanting to try? Our brand new app training section has courses covering apps and certain disciplines, such as brand monitoring and email marketing automation. Next week we’ll be covering social media scheduling tool Buffer and in the coming weeks we'll highlight Trello, Wufoo, and Campaign Monitor. The resources will constantly be growing, so check in often. Is there an app or discipline you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comments.

New and Updated Apps on Zapier


What did you accomplish today? What did your teammate check of her to-do list? Answering those questions and sharing them with your co-workers in an effecient manner is the aim of iDoneThis, a web and email app that makes it easy to keep in touch with teammates. Now that its hooked into Zapier, you can start automating reporting, too, instantly logging calendar appointments, GitHub commits and more.


Developers and designers who want more control over the online forms they build are in luck with FormKeep, which gives users total control. Teamed with Zapier, you can take FormKeep data and automate data like you would for any other form app, such as sending data to spreadsheets and creating tasks from form entries.


Want to get a SMS if it is going to rain today? How about a daily email with the forecast? Now you can with the addition of the Weather app to Zapier. It offers two triggers—daily rain alert and daily forecast—that will deliver the expected high and low temps to your phone, instant messaging app, team chat app, and elsewhere.


Using Jumplead you can turn new website visitors into leads, and then funnel them into an automated marketing campaign. Add Zapier into that automation mix, and you don’t have to depend on just your website for those leads, you can collect them from forms, other landing pages, and even business cards.


Any business can benefit from email marketing campaigns (a 94% ROI!), and Benchmark can help you manage them. From newsletters to drip campaign, you can now start automating dozens of processes in the app with Zapier.

You Don’t Need a CRM

Even if you do need a CRM, You Don’t Need a CRM is an app that wants to keep the CRM as simple as possible. You can make your contact management even more simple by using Zapier to automate importing external data into your CRM.


Some email marketing apps only let you send one type of email. Mailjet, however, allows for not only newsletters, but transactional email, as well. Couple that with Zapier automation, and you have a full email marketing arsenal.

Find Eventbrite Zaps on

Eventbrite Zaps

If you’re an Eventbrite user, you can now create Zaps inside Eventbrite itself without ever needing to leave the app. Just visit the "Export Attendees" feature inside of Eventbrite, and you'll find 10 popular Zaps to get rolling in a matter of moments.

Awesome Zapier Use by Customers

CB Insights graphic

Every month, Zapier users show off the most amazing and creative ways to automate everything under the sun. February was no exception.

  • Web designer Lisa Burton gives advice on how she automates her business with Zapier. "Using multiple apps can be a problem: what do you do when you need them to work together?"

  • Need to crowdsource a project but are looking for an alternative to Kickstarter? If going your own way sounds like your best option on a project, Youjin Do shows how she did just that with the help of Zapier. Everything from donation confirmations to adding donors into her marketing funnel is all fueled by Zapier automation. Good luck Youjin!

  • Kenny Kane shares his story on how he automates the process of managing his online store on the blog of BigCommerce (an app integrated with Zapier!). He loves using Zapier to help push data to Slack so the entire team is in sync with all company happenings.

  • It's so great to see when our users go out of their way to create video tutorials on Zapier, and that's just what Amy Humphries did. If you've ever wanted to add subscribers from one Mailchimp list to another, Amy shows you how.

  • CB Insights writes about "The Marketing Stack of a Lazy SaaS Company", and includes Zapier in their recommendation of tools. Using a combination of Intercom, MySQL, and Zapier, they are able to trigger and tailor an email drip campaign to specific users in trial.

Zapier Blog Most-Read

Zapier blog most-read

The Zapier blog regularly takes a deep look at productivity, workflow automation and getting more done with less work. Here are this month's most-read posts:

New eBook: "The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps"

email marketing eBook

In recent months, our team has researched the best apps to send email marketing campaigns, initiate drip emails and set up transactional emails. We've also broken down how to make the most of each tool, too, showing over a dozen ways to grow your email list and utilize it to build your business. We've put all this information, plus a long list of smart ways to use Zapier automation with your email marketing app, in a new free eBook titled The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps. Find the eBook along with other educational resources in the Zapier Learn Center.

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