Device Magic, Intellinote and Social Pilot Now on Zapier

New RescueTime, and Campaign Monitor Triggers and Actions, too

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / January 2, 2015

Ready to try a new app in the new year? Consider one of the latest three integrated with Zapier: form builder Device Magic, project management app Intellinote and social media scheduling tool Social Pilot.

If those don't grab your interest, then RescueTime surely will as it's a brilliant little app that helps you become more productive over time. It recently received four helpful new triggers and actions on Zapier, too., another productivity app, also added a valuable trigger this month: you can now parse inside email attachments, too.

Read on for the full scoop of app updates in December, to learn how Zapier users made the most of automation and see which posts were the most read on the Zapier blog this month.

Device Magic

Device Magic is form software for individuals on the go—no need for an internet connection to access great features like upload pictures and collecting a signature. Connect it Zapier to then start sending those entries to the app of your choice, such as your CRM, spreadsheet software or project management tool.


Intellinote takes the best note-taking app you've used and fuses it with your favorite task manager to create a valuable new project management tool. Combine that with Zapier, and you can start syncing Intellinote notes and tasks with the other apps in your workflow.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot makes it easy to schedule content you'd like to share on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook at a latter time. Integrate the app with Zapier, and you start queuing up new RSS items, Instagram photos, Tumblr posts and more.

RescueTime adds Daily Summaries and Highlights

RescueTime is an app that works behind the scenes to make you more productive. It does so by keeping an eye on how you use your computer and then hands over summaries that point out when you get the most done and when you're wasting time.

The app recently added a few features by user demand, and in turn, RescueTime added two triggers and an action to their Zapier integration to allow users to take full advantage.

  • Trigger: New Daily Summary Report - A high-level rollup of what you log in the tool each day, including the total time logged, time spent at different productivity levels, and time spent in each major category. With Zapier, you can use that daily summary to send a daily email report, log productivity in a Google Sheet and more.
  • Trigger: New Highlight Log Entry - A feature that lets you log notes about what you've accomplished each day, such as "achieved inbox 0" or "called 15 sales leads. Now whenever you enter a highlight in RescueTime, you can use a Zap to broadcast it to other apps, too.
  • Action: Create a Highlight Log Entry - Not only can you send Daily Highlights to other apps via Zapier, but you can use Zapier to automatically add Daily Highlights from activity elsewhere, too.

Here are some of the ways you could use the New Daily Summary Report trigger, a popular one for Zapier users already.

Learn more in our Updates blog post: "Record and Share Your Daily Highlights with RescueTime's New Triggers & Actions"

Related: "How to Use RescueTime to Get Magnitudes More Done Each Week" Now Parses Email Attachments, too, an easy way to parse data from incoming emails, now offers the ability to parse email attachments, too. And on top of that, attachments in several formats, including PDF, CSV, TXT and XML.

Here are few ways you could put this new functionality to use. For more, see the Zapbook page.

Campaign Monitor Unsubscribe Action Added

Until this month, the only action you could take on Campaign Monitor was to add new subscribers. Now you can remove subscribers, too, making it easier to keep your lists clean and your past subscriber's inbox empty.

Here are three ways you could start using this new action:

Cool Zapier Use by Customers

zapier team
Brian Keith of Red Beard Consulting assembled a 29-lesson Udemey course covering the ins and outs of Zapier.

Every day, Zapier users come up with even more creative ways to automate their specific workflows, and are kind enough to share that knowledge across the web. In December, we came across these great use cases.

  • Author Alex Hillman talks about using Zaps to create a useful feedback loop. With a Gumroad to Mailchimp Zap, Alex and his co-author Amy Hoy are able to automatically add those who purchase their book to a MailChimp list for further followup.

  • Sweta Patel gives great tips with plenty of use cases on generating leads for B2B business. One of the more unique ideas is using Help a Reporter Out, or HARO, via a Gmail Zap.

  • Like marketing automation hacks? How about nine of them? Francios Mathieu from Uberflip shares his favorite. Building a list of people who share your content seems particularly helpful.

  • Becoming a thought leader in your space requires a lot of listening to the conversation, and there are great ways to automate that to make the process as easy as it can be. Michael Britt put together a fantastic video tutorial on getting notifications from Yahoo Answers when someone asks a question he might be able to help answer.

  • Want to take a really deep dive into Zapier? Brian Keith put together over two hours of Zapier tutorials on Udemy, and it’s free for anyone to check out. There are 29 different lessons covering everything from zap basics, to how to set up very specific Infusionsoft Zaps.

Zapier Blog Most-Read

Zapier blog most read

The Zapier blog regularly takes a deep look at productivity, workflow automation and getting more done with less work. Here are this month's most-read posts:

First eBook Released: "The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps"

CRM eBook

If you've been reading the Zapier blog these past few months, you know CRMs have been our topic of choice. We've now bundled all the information we've shared on CRMs, including reviews of over 30 apps, into our first ebook, "The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps." Stay tuned for future ebooks, too, as we continue to review apps on our blog and tell you the best ways to automate them.

We're Hiring!

zapier team
Part of the Zapier team at our most recent team retreat.

Want to join a remote team that helps people across the world automate the boring and tedious parts of their job? Check out the positions below and be sure to keep tabs on our jobs page for future openings.

Go back in time. Read our November recap post: "Beeminder, Aha! and Vision6 Now on Zapier; Conspiracy Santa App Launches, Too!".

Zapier customer champion Alison Groves contributed the "Cool Zapier Use by Customers" section to this post.

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