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Matt Ellis is a freelance content writer, specializing in design, eCommerce, and digital marketing. For over a decade, he's been sharing his industry knowledge through eBooks, website copy, and blog articles just like this one.

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An app tips hero image for WooCommerce featuring the logo in a white square on a purple background.

App tips

How to set up WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the simplest way to get started with the self-hosted eCommerce adventure. It's a free WordPress plugin that you can install onto an existing WordPress site, and only takes a few more steps than Shopify to start selling products.

By Matt Ellis

7 min read

A hero image with an icon representing social media (a phone with a heart)

Marketing tips

The 4 Ps of marketing: The essentials of successful marketing strategies

A lot can slip through the cracks when overseeing multiple marketing strategies, but the 4 Ps of marketing, AKA marketing mix, act as a useful safety net—never mind that they sound like the start of a kindergarten lesson.

By Matt Ellis

6 min read

A hero image with an icon of a shopping cart, indicating eCommerce

Business tips

How any brand can sell merchandise on their website

eCommerce is hard enough for full-time retailers, so doing it as a side hustle might seem overwhelming. But promotional merchandising can improve business for any company or influencer.

By Matt Ellis

6 min read

Hero image of a woman leaning back in a chair with her arms behind her head and her eyes closed

Productivity tips

Why mindfulness makes you more productive—and how to make it work for you

Do you ever wonder about those sages who live alone in the mountains, and think, "I bet they could fill out a spreadsheet in no time!"? The science, somewhat surprisingly, suggests that they could.

By Matt Ellis

10 min read

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