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Articles that mention "Slack"

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The logos for Slack and Salesforce

How to get notifications in Slack for new tasks in Salesforce

Spend less time jumping back and forth between Slack and Salesforce, and more time getting valuable work done.

By Elena Alston

4 min read

Hero image of the Gmail app logo connected to the Slack logo on a light orange background.

How to get error alerts in Slack from your email

Get Slack notifications for new emails matching Gmail search queries, so you never have to miss out on business account emails again.  

By Elena Alston

4 min read

Hero image with the Google Sheets app logo connected to the Slack app logo by a line on a light orange background.

Automatically send a Slack message for new Google Sheets activity

Spend less time checking Google Sheets every day and more time focusing on what matters. 

By Elena Alston

5 min read

The blue Intercom app logo connected to the Slack app logo with orange dotted lines on an orange background.

Send a Slack message automatically when Intercom users are tagged

Instead of manually checking Intercom, use this workflow so anyone who's responsible for next steps will get notified instantly. 

By Elena Alston

4 min read

By Kaylee Moser

4 min read


5 ways to automate Google Drive

Here's how you can streamline your digital file management with Google Drive and Zapier.

By Ellie Huizenga

2 min read

Hero image with logos of the best screen sharing software

The best screen sharing software in 2022

Screen sharing makes collaboration and support as visual and interactive as it would be in person.

By Kiera Abbamonte

8 min read

A hero image for Slack app tips with the Slack logo on a purple background

How to hyperlink in Slack

Everyone seems to find themselves fumbling with hyperlinks in Slack, but it's almost magic how easy it is. There are two main ways to do it.

By Deb Tennen

1 min read

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