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Hayley Campbell
Written by Hayley CampbellLast updated June 14, 2019

Whether you're a solopreneur or part of a large enterprise, meeting with clients and customers is part of your weekly routine. But with all of your tasks and responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep track of every meeting request and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Since the last thing you want is for a prospective client to slip through the cracks, you need a platform that will automatically schedule appointments upon customer request and keep your calendar perfectly organized. Enter YouCanBookMe—a clean, intuitive, and virtually hands-free booking platform.

Using the tools on YouCanBookMe's user dashboard, you can set up your preferences in minutes. Toggle from tab to tab to select times you're available for meetings, and customize questions for clients to answer when they schedule an appointment. You can even design your booking page to fit your brand's style and customize it for optimal viewing on mobile devices.

Once you've saved your preferences, you can sync your booking page directly with your Google or iCloud account to have your appointments automatically added to your primary calendar. Anytime a new appointment is scheduled or a booking is changed, YouCanBookMe will send you a notification to inform you of the details. Leveraging this feature, you can keep your schedule all in one place and easily see when an appointment has been rescheduled or canceled.

You can also share your booking page with clients and customers. Simply embed your booking page onto your website, link it on your social media profile, or email a link to your customers directly. This self-serve booking process makes it quick and easy for all of your clients to connect with you, regardless of their preferred communication channel.

As an added feature, YouCanBookMe allows you to automate booking confirmations, meeting reminders, and appointment follow-ups through email and text messages, helping you build rapport with your clients and provide a positive customer experience.

Ultimately, organizing and maintaining a client calendar takes a lot of work. YouCanBookMe takes the stress out of the equation by automatically booking your appointments, updating your calendar, and keeping you in the loop. Think of it as a helpful virtual assistant.

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YouCanBook.Me Features

  • Select the days and times you're available for meetings to enable customers to book at their convenience.
  • Customize fields, including customer intake forms, payment options, and appointment types.
  • Automatically update your Google or iCloud calendar with new and rescheduled appointments by linking your account to YouCanBookMe.
  • Send confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails or text messages to your customers automatically.
  • Share your booking page on your website and social media profile, or email a link to your clients directly.

YouCanBook.Me Pricing

  • Free access available with basic features and functionality.
  • $10/calendar/month for all customizable features, unlimited booking fields, and priority email support.

10% discount available for annual plans; 20% discount for 2-year plans

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