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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated June 6, 2018

There's so much you can do with a form. Plain text fields and bullet points are all you need to make a pop quiz for your students, a contact form for your website, a survey about what your fans would like to see in your next product, and much more.

But first, you'll have to make a form, and that's where it's so easy to stop. Wufoo—part of the SurveyMonkey family of app—makes it easy enough to make a form, you'll want to make one whenever an idea strikes that could be solved with a form. It's one of the form builders that's been around the longest, and it's remained one of the easiest ways to make forms even as it's gained features over the years.

Start with Wufoo's form editor. It includes a blank page on the right, with form fields for names, emails, multiple choices, and more on the left. Drag in the elements you want to use in your form, then click on them to turn the left pane into a settings tab where you can tweak how that field works. Wufoo includes advanced forms for file uploads, order total calculation, star ratings, and payments via PayPal, Stripe, and more, along with dynamic fields that will only show up based on criteria you set. And, you can customize how your form looks with one of Wufoo's pre-made color and font themes—or tweak your own style to fit your company's branding.

Now put that form to work. Copy the link to your form to share in an email newsletter or on social media, or copy the embed code to put the live form inside your site or blog. On WordPress, you can copy a shorter code or install the Wufoo plugin to easy add your forms to blog posts.

Then it's time to get the results. Every time you open Wufoo, you'll see a list of your forms with the number of times they've been filled out in total and today. You click through each result in a list, showing the data each respondent filled out in an online document. Or, from the Reports tool, you can add widgets with graphs, charts, text, numbers, and grids to pull together the info you want from your form results and share them easily with your team. It's an easy way to customize the way you present your form data.

There's so many ways you could put a form to use, you've likely already got your own form ideas that you're ready to implement—but perhaps not. Wufoo's Gallery includes hundreds of great ways to put Wufoo to work in your business. Best of all, you can import the form to your account in one click, tweak it for your needs, then start using it minutes later.

For a traditional form editor that's easy to use and yet packed with all the features you need, it's hard to go wrong with Wufoo. You can try it out without signing up from the Wufoo Form Builder Demo, then start out with a free plan that lets you build 5 forms for an easy way to start gathering the data your business needs.

Originally published February 26, 2015; updated June 6, 2018 with new pricing and features

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Wufoo Features

  • Create forms quickly with a drag-and-drop editor and 400+ templates
  • Build advanced forms with logic jumps
  • Find out details about your form results with custom reports
  • Accept payments in forms from Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree, and more, with automated receipts

Wufoo Pricing

  • Free for 5 forms with 10 fields and up to 100 entries per month
  • $19/month Starter plan for 10 forms, 1,000 entries per month, and core features
  • $39/month Professional plan for unlimited forms, 5,000 entries per month, 5 users, and full features including payment support
  • $99/month Advanced plan for Professional features with 25,000 entries per month and 20 users

Annual plans include 25% discount

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